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And you give to a table naughty chicken ?

of the Father - Sveta, really it can be that the chicken on a table was naughty? Yes will be to you, is not present, of course. It will be absolutely peace. And generally it already and not a chicken and carcass. Only in this place it is not necessary to remember well-known: The Chicken fried, the chicken soared

It is just about one salad. And what to do, time it again - chicken? And not just chicken naughty residents of Kursk it is ready to appear before your tableware. And unless it is not interesting why this dish is called thus?!

The mischief of this conditional chicken can consist, for example, in a combination of 300 - 400 of smoked chicken meat to couple in one hundred grams of carrots on - Korean plus shabby cheese (150 - 200 of firm grades) and two crushed eggs. Salt and mayonnaise - to your taste, certainly.

However, there is also a little more refined option with the name of the same name. For this purpose naughty chicken 250 g of chicken fillet will be required, 120 g of the Korean carrot, are slightly less than firm cheese (100 - 150), river, but it will be necessary to have also in addition 200 g of pineapple. Well, and 200 g of mayonnaise and three pieces of white loaf - anyway will be necessary.

Well, as: checked, everything is? Then concerning bread especially be not upset, you should not endow the Last pieces, now croutons in boxes are on sale, just look in groceries, and make own decision: yes or no.

And taking into account this crucial decision we will continue conversation about naughty recipe, aha? At first we cut chicken fillet on cubes and we fry it on vegetable oil.

So far this beauty is cooled (and you could, distracting from the instruction, also in croutons breading to make this), there is time for cutting firm cheese in cubes (or to rub on a grater if is so more habitual, but taste at the same time will be perfect another, consider), we cut tinned pineapple on triangles. It is possible to mix everything with mayonnaise and to be limited to that. But it is possible both not to hurry and to continue mischief. For example, so.

We will accurately add the Korean carrot (well, you bought that that arranged you to taste, but not according to the price tag! - It is very important, try a product before purchase, you have the right to it!) .

Now grain additive. It as it was already told, it is easily possible to replace with croutons from a box (at me costs such constantly - just in case), and it is possible and to cut just small on cubes white loaf and to fry it in vegetable oil.

And, by the way, it is optional in sunflower. Peanut will be by the way, and sesame is not worse at all. At us they are on sale in tiny packings, and I add to sunflower - corn, but here rape, alas, long ago did not meet. It is possible to lay out still previously fried toasts on a napkin (in my opinion - trouble), and then already to lay atop naughty chicken . All. It is time to taste. How to you? Pleasant