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Whether it is possible to return the thing bought at a discount to shop?

Run I here the other day home about works, mood remarkable, in a pocket a salary, the human stream towards smiling. The people rejoice, felt spring in air. And shops, shops, seductively so wink the red show-windows promising unearthly, 70 - percentage discounts.

And I am a woman, the simple shopingozavisimy woman - I try to be repaid and I turn in the nearest shop - the temper.

In half an hour happy and happy I continue the way home, here only hands are pricked pleasantly by a bright cardboard package of a desired checkered skirt. However, it was not succeeded to measure plainly, fifteen minutes remained before closing, but nothing, on a dummy it so remarkably looked and my size I do not maintain, I call Natasha and I promise all at work as a smart new thing tomorrow to strike.

Na sleduyushchy den not only Natasha, but also all little girls with astonishment looked at my old jeans and exchanged glances. Did not decide to ask at first, on a face it was visible it is written that not so - that... And then, when learned that on a skirt the lightning appeared faulty, so at first scolded for a carelessness, and then calmed. Despite all warning plates, goods at a discount it is possible to return to shop.

Get used to take away checks of all bought things always. It will be so much easier to prove that you got a thing on which you make a claim, in this shop. But you should not worry even if forgot to take away the check. In - the first, the friends who were nearby at the time of purchase have the right to act as witnesses and to confirm that purchase was made exactly here. And in - the second, it is possible to show the article specified on a product label. In each shop such articles of all products register for the account. And if shown by you and written down in shop articles coincided, the shop is obliged to recognize that the thing is bought by you exactly here.

Remember: the goods acquired at a discount, not rejected (on the spoiled rejected thing there have to be marks that is with it not so, and such thing you have any more no right to return, you were informed in advance), and only outdate (or its season ended, or the fashion on such models took place, or just these goods lay too long and is badly bought up), from it do not become worse or less qualitative. Therefore if at the beginning socks the thing deteriorated (for example, stretched during washing or, on the contrary, the village), then these are not your problems, but the producer. Therefore you have full authority to go to shop and to make the complaint to the seller. Safely refer on Law on protection of the rights of the consumer in this case it completely on your party.

Besides, despite the period of storage determined by the producer, you have the right to make the complaint not later 2 - x years.

If sellers got especially harmful and in any do not want to accept a thing back and to return you damage moreover and blame you for misuse of a product, surely address experts. In each city there are expert centers, having handed over a thing in which, after carrying out examination you receive the document where it will be written who is guilty of emergence of defect. In case of your innocence the shop will return you money not only for the bought thing, but also for carrying out examination.

Money for a skirt, by the way, returned to me after short altercations. And now I will assert with confidence the rights in similar cases. Perhaps thus, joint efforts we will sometime achieve that low-quality things just will not be in our market.