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how not to give in on infinite marketing traps?

Before everyone, likely, rise a question as will correctly dispose of the money!!! Every time, receiving a salary, we begin to count involuntarily where we will put one thousand where another that needs to be bought and what to save on. But always it turns out not as we want. We spend money on left both for the right and to the middle of month we remain with an empty pocket! We are bought by

on heartless marketing traps and we think that we save huge money, but it absolutely not so! I, as well as any girl, adore shops, I love clothes, all this luster. In some degree, I am a shopaholic! But I learned to control myself, at the same time without special damage for my small imp - passions to purchases.

Coming into any fashionable boutique, we think that here it is very expensive and we can go and look at this violence of beautiful things only.

the Usual marketing mix - the most expensive things are at the level of eyes. Try to bend down and to see the lower shelves.

The more in shop of mirrors, the more you have a desire to try on this or that thing. If in a fitting room lighting warm, then the clothes look much better, than actually. And if fluorescent lamps are established, then you by all means want to go to a sunbed, or to make up stronger as all your imaginary shortcomings will be for show.

By the way, and you love when buying a bag, you are given as a gift also lipstick? I think that yes! It is very good course. Then the buyer will think well about this shop and by all means will return once again

But when you see that buying one thing, you can buy another for a price floor - think properly whether really you want to buy the second? And in general estimate a thing which you buy whether there is it so much? And whether in general you will save?

And of course, sale ! Yes, we are girls, we love them. But having seen, the old price and new, we willingly get to the next trap. In many to shops during sales the first price is just thought out to create visibility of discounts! Here only one exit, just estimate the cost of this bagatelle.

Many, coming, for example, into cosmetic shop, having tried a lot of production, consider necessary it to buy. Well, of course, if you also came for it, then buy. But if, suppose, having chosen spirits, you just decided to try new foundation for the sake of interest, you are not obliged to buy it. Even, if it seems to you ugly. Be able to tell

- no!

That, we dealt with boutiques! Now it will be a question of grocery, hyper and super markets. you know

A why you thought up cart baskets? I think, you guess that it not only for convenience. Present to

a situation, you took the cart, but bought only couple of jars and house-shoes. All this

looks in the cart a little strange. And seeing that people fill them to top, you automatically begin to buy things which at the moment time are not necessary to you at all.

With a basket a situation similar! You fill it also to a ponimata what to carry her is rather heavy therefore next time you will take the cart...

One more a cunning marketing mix , is that all cheap products and things are always near cash desk. For example, chewing gum. All this is thought up in order that, standing in a queue, you with boredom bought these products. It is quite good, whether a lie?

you Should not be bought on similar things, you can perfectly do also without it.

deceive Us continually, and we are bought. We trust all this system of customer acquisition, we believe that can present us something just like that. Buying by

a keshemirovy sweater, can offer us another and as a gift to it also spirits. But having come home we surely will find out that it at all and not keshemirovy.

Of course to save and not to get to a trap is a difficult science! We reach for all beautiful, tasty and simply we like to buy! Our world is a circulation of money and things.