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What will help you with washing?

According to definition Explanatory dictionary of Russian Ushakova,

To Erase is to wash with soap matter or linen .
However work on creation of this dictionary ended with

in the middle of the last century. In the decades which passed since then much water has flowed under the bridges. Technologies of process of washing are constantly updated. And it concerns not only modernizations of washing machines and improvement of quality of laundry detergents. Today there was a set of new accessories for washing. I will list only some of them.

Sacks for washing of linen

Is an irreplaceable accessory of the modern hostess. In a sack it is possible to erase delicate fabrics, qualitative underwear, articles of clothing with applications, pastes, beads, bugles, an embroidery. At desire in it it is possible to wash even footwear. The sack will protect your things from damage and deformation. Besides, it will protect the washing machine from hit in space between a tank and a drum of accessories, stones from a bra and other small things. In a sack it is possible even to erase curtains, without removing from them hooks and rollers. Many mothers use a sack for washing of toys.

Washing ball

of the Thing with fillers (down, cotton wool, a synthetic winterizer, etc.) it is necessary to erase very carefully. At a machine wash the filler will begin to roll down sooner or later. That it did not happen, erase pillows, down-padded coats, soft toys together with balls for washing. Some inventive hostesses use usual tennis balls or rubber balls (2 - 3 pieces). Exist also special washing " balls; (for example, GreenWashBall). The principle of work of such ball is very simple: put it in the machine together with dirty things and begin washing. Special balls are made of material which does not spoil linen. Washing ball effectively deletes dirt from a fabric surface (thanks to friction with it) and shakes up a filler, without allowing it to get off in a lump.

of the Napkin for washing of color things

If to wash together several color things, then paint particles from their fabrics are washed away in water and paint all other linen. Fabric can completely change a coloring, and can just get an ugly dim shade. The napkin for washing of color things will not allow similar coloring. If you before washing place a special napkin in the washing machine drum, then, acting as a magnet, it will catch and attract to itself parts of paint and dirt.

of the Laundry basket

Dirty linen should not wait for washing long. Fresh pollution wash off easier, and on the stale dirty things there can be also a mold. But there is not always an opportunity to organize washing immediately. In this case the laundry basket is simply irreplaceable. Modern baskets easily develop and pass air. It is possible to get a basket with several offices to sort linen on color, sequences of washing and extent of pollution. The variety of types allows to pick up a laundry basket under a certain interior of a bathroom.

of the Dryer

exists a set of types of dryers for the washed things Now. You will find in sale floor , wall , ceiling and suspended dryers.

The electric drying cabinet is useful for a big family. Even the most dense fabrics will be dried up in such case within an hour.

Electric dryers dry up and smooth clothes in a special case.

The dryer - a transformer can be established in any place: on a balcony, in the room, at the dacha. In folded form it easily is located in clothes.

Fortunately, today, to wash some thing, it is not obligatory to rub about stones at all, instead of soap and powder using sand. Let`s use those benefits of a civilization which are specially created for high-quality and effective washing!