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What is the Metaphor? And why it is necessary?

I will not load dictionary wisdom on your, overloaded with today`s rhythm lives, shoulders.

the Vast majority perfectly knows that it designates this word. All proverbs and sayings are bright metaphors. The figurative or figuratively distorted description something. Therefore I will not begin to inflate with

cheeks and to explain common truths, with a pointer and standing at a board.

On the contrary. Let`s try to understand together a metaphor role in our life.

For example. I could tell directly, without metaphors: - metaphors serve as our stupid brains of the fact that say other, not less stupid brains, in hope that we will understand them exactly as they want for relief of understanding.

is rough, rectilinear also ample opportunities napredstavlyat to itself - that I exactly meant.

Truth. Do not dissemble.

Metaphors are used in the work by psychotherapists, almost always. Why? Because at those who to them address, available some tendency to treat words and events a little in own way, through a prism of the perception. And direct words - concerning a problem, are unambiguously perceived as charge. You arrived badly! And the therapeutic result - will not be. The same and with indirect speeches about a situation - the person, even without thinking so, suspects all of bias and rises in defense of the beliefs. How we will estimate our bad behavior?

Our brain is so arranged that differs not in much from brothers of the smaller - computers. What in it is put - that and operates. The main and the function dominating over all others is a protection of interests and effectiveness of the owner. I - about a brain of each of us. And if - in words, the psychotherapist, the friend or simply - from the TV, for a brain the threat (defined that on the basis of its knowledge base and the developed principles of action) sounds, then it, a brain, reacts unambiguously - blocking. Further - already depending on circumstances, or something undertakes, or is switched off. Such is psychophysiology. Of course, it is exaggerated and terribly simply. But - in fact.

Now - we will apply a metaphor to realize the principle of its action and as a result - its value.

What is written by a feather - will not cut down that also the " axe;

our brain, understanding obvious durakovatost this statement (to work with the heavy tool for impact on words - it is silly), absolutely quietly accepts humour and starts pleasure mechanisms from understanding and involvement in process veseleniye . Thereby, passing this phrase on deeper level of understanding where the inner meaning and implication is already estimated. Realizing importance and gravity of the put-forward statements.

Nevertheless read up this tiresome phrase up to the end. Means - works.

Therefore we will return to reality from the psychotherapist`s office, not so we started ourselves to force foreign person to dig in the feelings and experiences. Though, maybe in vain.

Advertising slogans. Excellent metaphors - breaking through to our requirements armor of economy and common sense.

Political statements - magnificent samples of metaphors for the appeal to soul clones, on a party sign.

A money? An ideal metaphor of value of all that we buy. 10000 dollars. I am able to afford to have such values.

And so on

of the Metaphor in literature. At a curved seashore an oak green We understand that it not about truck farming. Therefore - read and read, not only gardeners. The thought of which the writer tries to inform the reader is more difficult, the more effectively and more deeply he will apply a metaphor. It is important, very important to reach brains, understanding of the meaning of what was said.

But Is much more important than

, to address soul. And in this case, metaphors have to be not just figurative and bright, but also cultural (cultivating soul), sincere (falseness all feel), and honest (deceived nobody wants to be).

A what for? Why to address soul moreover and is so intricate - through metaphors moreover and not the simple metaphors some directly angelic, it turns out.

Perhaps is not necessary?
Have enough already and those metaphors which fall upon our brain every second.

Just and because . On to it . Works of art - all are metaphoric, it is more or less, but - all. And all influence soul.

So, a metaphor is medicine as a hobby? And it - for protection of our spirituality against a raid and garbage of severe reality?

Now, we understand concept a little - a metaphor. We can, everyone for itself - to find the answer.

of Good luck.