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Whether water which we drink is safe?

the Research conducted by request of the Swiss nature protection organization World fund of the nature demonstrates that the water which is on sale in bottles is not always more useful than that that flows from a water tap. Results of the research conducted by specialists of the Geneva university demonstrate that bottled water is on sale time one thousand times more expensive than tap water, and its quality often the same. It is the most fast-growing sector of the market with the turn estimated at $

22 billion In 50% of cases by the only difference today the fact that add minerals and salts from which water does not become more useful to health at all to bottles is. The American elite drinks the water made from glaciers of Greenland and then by planes delivered in the USA.

However the tests of the Greenland ice which are carried out 3 years ago by Desert Research Institute (USA) showed that lead level in it is three times higher, than in tests of the ice formed till 1870. The Swiss researchers found out that 11 of 29 European brands of mineral water contain traces of excrement, reports the Nature magazine. The found traces of a virus similar on the properties to a sort Norwalk virus, in their opinion, confirm the water pollution fact directly in the source or on production. Employees food laboratory of the canton, Mr. Soloturn (Solothurn), found traces of a virus which is the frequent reason of gastric frustration.

The head of the Swiss group, Christian Byure (Christian Beuret), declares: Results of research were for us extremely unexpected therefore they were independently confirmed with private Swiss laboratory. We consider that water pollution by excrement happens or in the source, or when pouring in bottles . Researchers believe that though the found amount of biological material is extremely insignificant, some unpublished data confirm,

that even a small amount of a virus in mineral water can cause a gastroenteritis in elderly people. These results are rather disputable, but cause undoubted interest. The main thing - that it is enough even the found small quantity of an active virus that there was a disease - Barry Vaypond (Barry Vipond) from Laboratory of Public Health in Bristol considers. However, he added that the method of polimerazny chain reaction used by the Swiss researchers is not protected from mistakes.

The world industry of mineral waters immediately reacted to these data: The technology of chain polimerazny reaction is not adapted for routine analyses of slabozagryaznenny " water; - representatives of one of the leading companies trading in mineral water declare. They also noted that the virus close to the sort Norwalk was not found at research of 300 bottles of water of five trademarks by six laboratories. However, these researches were also not published. Advertized Akwa Minerale is got and spreads the " company; Pepsi - " Coca; in the settlement of Sherrizon of the Moscow region, near the Sheremetyevo airport. Quality of underground waters same, as well as at Zelenograd which is a row which always was leader among the Moscow districts on children`s incidence. Diseases of kidneys, zheludochno - an intestinal path and it is warm - vascular system surpassed average indicators by 6 - 7 times. It turned out that in Zelenograd deep-well water of 7 toxic substances. Six of them (except iron) belong to the class of highly dangerous substances: aluminum, barium, pine forest, lithium, strontium, fluorine. Concentration of these substances exceeds the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) by 2 - 3 times, and total coefficient of toxicity by 6 - 8 times.

In the same Zelenograd the plant on pouring of " deep-well water is constructed; Moskovia which analysis completely confirmed availability of all listed poisons. And on a label Moskovia On the main indicators

it conforms to hygienic requirements to quality and safety of food staples of foodstuff. " water; Moskovia it is recommended for the use, both adults, and children according to the conclusion of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science No. 72 - 89 . On many establishments of Moscow it is carried in 19 - liter bottles Royal " water;. This water contains a number of highly dangerous substances, and

even mercury - substance of extremely dangerous class. Though each of dangerous substances on concentration does not exceed maximum concentration limit, but the integrated indicator of toxicity exceeds maximum concentration limit almost twice. To prove

the name, producers decided to enrich this water with silver. The producer skillfully uses narrow-minded opinion in the mercenary purposes. Ions of silver not only kill microbes in water, but also lead to dysbacteriosis. Besides, silver with hydrochloric acid of a stomach creates the insoluble connection extremely harmful to a human body. Examples can be continued. All the matter is that from all resolved types of business in Russia is the most profitable. By the way, the last time of GOST on drinking water in bottles was approved in 1982.