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African braids - a hairdresser`s hit or a hairdress with an interesting story?

African braids - not so long ago such hairdress was perceived precisely exotic. Some saw in it eccentricity of the personality or even a certain call to society. Today you will surprise with African braids of very few people. Of course, they bear in themselves a certain sense and set the style some African, unusual. Not without reason Ksenia Sobchak defiles on islands with this hairdress. From where this unusual hairdress came to us? And now, as well as in the ancient time, hair fix in some tribes in small braids and stack ranks. Let`s make small digression to history.

Now African braids - a hit of hairdresser`s art, and once they played the vital role. In general the hairdress appeared earlier, than clothes. To it the person was brought life. Long hair disturbed, climbed in eyes, well how here to gather bananas or to hunt mammoths. It was necessary to fix them, but to fix elf-lock, you see, difficult. And the person, a nature wreath, already then allocated remarkable umishchy, thought up the thing, not less important, than a wheel - the Hairbrush. Then it were probably crests from bones. So, now having a crest, tousle could be combed and fixed. Rock paintings informed us of images of ancient people: in loincloths, with the tattooed persons. Men have long hair, and at women are fixed or twisted in plaits. And at today`s representatives of the African tribes the way of life and traditions of ancestors remains. Together with dark skin color, feature of Africans is also dense, rigid and disobedient ringlets. What only ways were not thought out by black women to subdue the hair. They were oiled also pitch, twisted lumps, zhgutika, fixed by clay solutions. But all the same it is difficult to set such hair, and most likely therefore braids were thought up. And not one, and the whole two hundred pieces on the head were braided. There is such beauty, and it is possible to go not one day.

Art kosopleteniye women transferred from mother to the daughter, well or even to the son. And girls and young men braided braids thickness in a finger and stacked them ranks. And in general forms Afro-hairdresses were various. They depended not only on a floor and age, but also on situation in society. It is known, for example, that men of the tribe of harrows created the hairdress reminding hedgehog needles. The sticking-out peaks of hair greased with pitch, remarkable, probably styling .

In general the African hairdressers were skillful masters with the good imagination. Spun and fixed the hairdresses reminding - horns of goats, a mane of a lion, wings of birds. And decorated hairdresses so that our glamourous ladies can only envy. Also feathers ostrich`s, and cockleshells, and bones were used. It was necessary to keep such beauty and not one day therefore men of the tribe of a turkan had adaptation on which slept not to damage a hairdresser`s masterpiece on the spear.

In some African tribes there was a custom porodneniye hairdresses . There was it as follows. Several people of the tribe shaved off the head bare, put hair in the general vessel, filled in with clay and sand, and then from this mixes did nashlepk on the shaven heads. These nashlepk were stored in a family and descended.

All this shows, the craft African " was how surprising and interesting; barbers and also that African braids - business serious. And, of course, to carry this business on the head and to mark out the identity it is necessary to be real queen of the tribe