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Whether you know as it is correct to buy?

Now show-windows of shops and a TV screen dazzle with advertizing cheaper, than at us only at us, all on ** 99 and so on. Such slogans can be seen in all types of shops, from grocery to selling computer and digital equipment.

As in grocery stores advise to go full, so it is necessary to go to shops of equipment, having sated with knowledge. Dealers of the last time use the most advanced technologies of customer acquisition, distribution of a floor space and the calculation of goods. All this is made for this purpose that any person did not leave shop without purchase. At the same time it is not important whether these goods are necessary to it or not.

This article I pursue the aim to tell how to buy that it is necessary for you. Believe me I the seller with an experience. So, in each shop there is a number of rules of work with clients, they regulate all life of an outlet from that at what moment it is necessary to approach before it is necessary to say goodbye.

We will consider a situation you the businessman, and came to buy the laptop for work which nature does not mean work with a large number of difficult graphics. The aforesaid means that you do not need the portable computer with expensive video card and the powerful processor. The seller, undoubtedly, will offer you the most expensive, - it is it his salary depends. In some distribution networks the salary received by the seller depends not on sale of the main goods, and from accessories so will offer you the maximum number of the most expensive without caring, for their practicality and your purse. Also can offer both paid setup of your computer, and installation of useful programs. You do not hurry to agree the offered programs, as a rule, are distributed for free and it is possible to get them for half of hour on the Internet.

Or, for example you the student is necessary for you for performance of studies the printer. There is a question what to get jet or laser. It is necessary to consider: price of expendables, monthly loading, photo press. Expendables at laser printers are more expensive, but it is necessary to change them much less often, monthly loading is more besides at laser printers, but they are not able to print a qualitative photo. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to permission of the press if your purpose to print texts, then the necessary resolution no more than three hundred dots per inch.

Of course, you should not forget about guarantee maintenance because who is warned, that is armed. Almost at all producers the term of guarantee maintenance on large goods, such as the refrigerator, the TV, the computer makes one year, at some such as, for example the Samsung company three years from which within a year can be replaced goods and it to serve two. With a warranty period it is necessary to be very careful, so at some companies it can be counted not from the moment of sale of goods, and from the moment of its production, that is the warranty period is actually equated to operation term. In shop a task of the seller will be to place accents so that the guarantee of the producer has obviously not enough, it covers not all cases or it is absent at all. But sellers will be always glad to you to help, having offered a paid additional guarantee for two or three years silt the additional service connected with operation of your equipment. As a guarantee of similar services the special certificate which in cases if it is not used, can be exchanged for goods or a certain sum of money is, as a rule, issued. It would seem - it is excellent idea, but in during the good work of the bought thing you hardly remember about some certificate bought, by the way, for decent money so think at once whether it is necessary to you.

Attentively read the guarantee agreement and the instruction not to be refused service for the trifling reason and always insist on the operating with the reliable facts then service will be really reliable and purchases pleasant.

Successful shopping and pleasant operation.