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How to teach the child is independently? I know

Ya, many mothers are disturbed by selective appetite of the child. Here I was lucky - my kid not the allergic person, not the fastidious person, he is practically all. But does not want to eat. He is two years old, and he refuses even to take a spoon in hand. Our grandmothers unanimously shout that we razbalovat the son that all children at this age eat for a long time. How to accustom the child is independently? we Will try to interest in

. Arrange family lunches. Looking at independently eating adults, the kid will want to correspond. If the family seldom gathers behind a table d`hote, it is possible to use authority of the adult, significant for the child. Usually it is the father or the elder brother: You at least once saw that I fed the father from a spoon? No. You want to be same strong how the brother?

Children begin to do many things, looking at peers. If the grown-up kid persistently refuses to take a spoon in hand, descend on a visit, or invite to a lunch of those his friends who are already able to eat. Pay attention of the child to the friend: Look, Vitya himself holds a spoon . But it is not necessary to shame the kid at all and to compare to the friend, it is rather simple to notice casually such useful ability of the companion on games. And next time at dinner offer the baby a spoon, having remembered the friend.

One more way of training - game. Play with the kid in " excavator;. The excavator - the baby has to gather by a spoon - a ladle all mashed potatoes and to transport to a mouth. From mother a little imagination and the corresponding comments for game is required. ( Big - the big excavator scoops a ladle of mashed potatoes and accurately sends it to a mouth! The good fellow, and I for you will hoot while you chew! )

It is possible to use a plateau with interesting drawing at the bottom and to explain to the baby what under porridge the angry wizard hid, for example, a little pig who cannot be released and help it only the kid can if itself takes a spoon and will eat all porridge. And also to wrap this history in a fantastic wrapper.

The decision on what the kid will independently eat has to be supported by all family members. If mother insists on independence, and the grandmother is sorry small also feeds from a spoon, the positive result will be achieved at a distant day. Also training should not depend on mood of parents. ( Yesterday you ate itself, and today we on a visit are late therefore give, I fast will feed you ) . It is necessary to develop a certain sequence and a phasing in training. For example, first the child himself eats only cottage cheese. When he already copes with one product, we add more difficult on mashed potatoes consistences, further liquid porridge, and, at last, soup.

Sometimes the kid with appetite begins to eat independently, but quickly is tired. Do not insist, finish feeding it. In process of a growing the share independently eaten anyway will increase. It is also possible to make an exception to the rules if the baby is ill.

From the very beginning it is necessary to accustom the child to be respectful to meal, to eat accurately and to follow necessary rules. Even the small need to wash hands before food, and by two years the kid himself will remind you of it. The food is a useful ritual, it gives to the child sense of stability and feeling of own importance, the kid precisely knows sequence of actions and almost copes with everything! If you help the kid, accompany all the actions with words: Handles under the crane washed up, the Mashiny towel wiped, now we go on kitchen. Masha sits down at the little table, and mother pours in a plateau a ladle borsch. Watch what it is red! And, likely, very tasty!

At a table the child acquires rules of conduct, watching behavior of adults, listening to their instructions. And also fairy tales which can tell about rules of table layout, sequence of dishes, use of various tableware and, besides, to report what occurs if rules are violated.

Remember that appetite comes during a meal. Beautifully laid table, nice ware, a positive example and support of adults - all this will help the child to learn to eat independently.