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We choose the USB stick or library in a pocket!

Prompt development of technologies, revolutionary jump of science allow us to use things of which we also could not think only a few years ago. To imagine what in a tiny charm can will go in Lenin library, whether well a fantasy? Not a fantasy, any schoolboy, not on a naslyshka familiar with Hi - tech (hi-tech) devices will in the affirmative tell you. Really the prices of data carriers fell to some naprilichny values. To find room on the tiny USB stick for favourite movies, music videos, texts, books, music and anything now in power to everyone.

But will not so easily decide on purchase, the range of the data carriers based on a flash - memories is very big. On counters the sea casting various a flash - charms, the most different coloring and forms and manufacturers is presented. It does not matter, this article is urged to help the buyer to make a right choice!

So, we will begin. And we will begin with the main criteria by which we will make the choice. Here and they:

- capacity flash - the store

- exterior of a charm

- speed of the reading / record

- crash-worthiness / moisture resistance

Perhaps USB stick capacity also is the main it nedostakok or advantage. Models from 256 Mb to 32 Gb are presented at the market as we see range it is very big. But also such products are calculated on different niches. The USB stick with a capacity up to one gigabyte (1Gb) perfectly will suit office workers, or it is useful if your main work at the computer are documents. It is impossible to call these USB sticks multemidiyny, alas a large number of music, movies or another multimedia of a stuffing on will not be located on them. But huge arrays of documentation of any sort without effort will occupy the lukewarm town on such charm. The price of such models fluctuates around 100 - 200 rubles. Very cheap and extremely angrily.

And here USB sticks with a capacity from 2Gb represent rather entertaining devices. All yours without effort will be located on them multimedia content, including games and movies in high quality. The optimum choice today in the sphere multimedia a flash - stores are samples with a volume 8Gb, such USB stick will become tiny shranilishchy to any information necessary to you, besides will not take a lot of place, models for work with documents under an hour are not really strongly broken a set by the sizes with the multimedia fellows. Two - the gigabyte version of a charm will cost you 200 - 300r, 4 gigabytes will cost in the area 500r, and to eight - the gigovy USB stick will manage in 700 - 800 krovynkh rubles.

We will give a couple of words to stores with the largest volume of memory. These are USB sticks with a volume 16Gb and 32Gb, such models suit for replacement to the main winchester and will act as an irreplaceable accessory to owners of laptops, and also over - compact netbooks which have no devices of reading / record of optical disks. If you want to get it find fault - flew the device prepare will fork up not to exchange than for 1500 rubles (on the version from 16Gb).

As the following important criterion serves appearance of a device. Yes, what here only you will not see... Soccerballs, Mika Maus`s ears, avngardny decisions and classical whistles ... Will rely in this question I recommend only for the taste and the size of a purse, often appearance of the store can cost a pretty penny, especially in comparison with classical model with similar characteristics. Tiny (it would seem, far farther?) budt to look very lovely, but prepare besides will fork up. In a word, tastes differ, so rely on own sense of beauty of t it will not bring you.

Speed of chtneiya / record of the USB stick at first sight does not cause interest. It would seem, well works and works what difference. On the contrary, you will come to the friend and ask to fill in to yourself on a svezhepriobretyonny flash - a charm the movie - another. Right there your pleasure will be replaced by tired pandiculations and yawns, all from the fact that record speed on your USB stick will be very slow. Compare the data specified on packing for the optimum choice upon purchase. Everything depends on the device volume chosen by you. And if you are ready to offer speed for the sake of volume, well, you in the right.

The rubberized USB sticks and USB sticks in the similar shock-resistant case are directed to buyers who lead an aktivyny life. Such USB sticks are more expensive, but also do a zashchyonnost of data many times higher. Besides, they protect from hit of dust and moisture. Ekstrimala will be delighted.

Two words about Ready Boost. USB sticks with such inscription an inscription designate additional function which they are allocated, but it here will work only in Windows Vista. Its essence in increase in volume of random access memory at the expense of a charm. The USB stick with similar function usually more expensive than usual is, but does not give a powerful gain of productivity.

Finally there is a wish to note that the USB stick is a remarkable gift, the buyer has an opportunity to carry that library in a pocket about which it is told in the title. Good choice and pleasant use, my dear fans of high technologies.