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What to Russian - it is good, to the German - death?

Recently, were watched by Zadornov`s concert, and struck his thought of sense of the word - the Aryan. It appears ARE - person of the sun. The real Aryan - truly Russian. The aristocrat - from the same opera. Hitler - everything confused for this reason, he also got to the CC (Soviet Union) that wanted to embody other concept of this word.

But, we will leave ethnic researches, for experts. And we will talk better about the developed stereotypes in views of culture of some ethnic groups. Intentionally, without calling the terms nationality nation because - became outdated and silly to look for the fifth column in the passport, for definition of to this concept.

We will begin, certainly, with culture drink . As - to the most important of arts . I will be expressed, it is also stereotypic - for clarity. But, it is obliged to explain - for the prevention of charges in excessive natsionalizirovannost that concept Russian - includes not belonging to the state or ethnos, and it is rather - to character, a way of life and conditions of education, formation of the personality. And - it is equivalent, with the concept German . Thereby - excepting it is made excess verbal exercises in classification of individuals, our nervous life.

So. How the Russian drinks? with

the Estimating look, having pierced a label on a bottle, having convinced of solidity of brand of drink, and its fortress. Having chosen, the ware corresponding to the moment, having brushed away with hrustalizna casual mote. The graceful, broad gesture - fills a vessel from a source. Transparency - on light, aroma - on a smell, words - on a toast. Prompt expectation of proximity with associates, through them filled, and players patches of light of deserved exclusiveness, vessels. The unification, over the center of a table

Instant, is thousandfold the accelerated action, in fear to lose charm of a miracle, with justifications: - it will be warmed, will turn sour and will disappear, capsizing - in itself. Blissful, but a little amazed and alerted, maintenance of process of impact of terrestrial gravitation and physiology of a stomach. And a pacification

From everything. From the feeling which came true from not emptiness a source, from a unification and with - a chuvstvovaniye with colleagues. Yes. It is life. Thoughts gain symmetry of floor which are asked outside, a muscular tone becomes more active for obvious and probable physical exercises - but already on the following shell not at a table. A brotherhood and love to to the neighbor . Care of world around and rage concerning usurpers of freedom. Especially as after the first and then - pereryvchik small and for those who . Surely, on - hussar for fine and you respect me . The holiday came.

Now. How the German drinks?

On aperitif? Of course, sherry. Yesterday`s, beer ingredients in microflora of a stomach, and tomorrow - on Monday, it is perfect to anything to spend time for excess visits of places of a privacy. Twelve meters black, velvet - on six. Cheeses were, by the way, but sharp sausages and crayfish - too distracted attention to themselves, fishing - the premiere " was discussed thoroughly, and here; The Phantom of the Opera - only casually.

Alcohol percent shares in blood - will improve appetite, and will expel thoughts of planning of a trip on mountains. Of course, red. Burgundian. Meat red - is not present, please, without blood, but wine Something from late, five-year-old, then was not droughts. And is more senior ? No. Gifts, have to be timely - then they will be memorable.

we Will try

Yes, both a shade that, and aroma. Will perfectly shade taste of an eggplant.

An excellent bouquet - the truth expensive. On a fuzherchik? Already, just for pleasure. To Konyachk to a dessert? And why is also not present. The grandmother said that it is better - vodka. To sweet. But, after a dinner - soccer, and I need the fresh head. Taxi? No. Hans, will bring us, as always. Yesterday, he on the third liter already ran - again lost. Yes - this mimosa, from it - it is already a partner of this restaurant.

That at us for a dessert?

And there are a little comments, for expression of own opinion and completeness of the answer to the question posed.

Certainly what to trade places of our heroes - even to the most vanguard fantast, will not occur. Therefore - we will not be perverted.

Truly Russian person, with conviction considers drink - part of the life, as circulation in a toilet or a dream. As obligation earnings money and participation in political life of the country.

Truly German person, refers the use of alcoholic beverages to a component of the rest, on an equal basis with sauce to a hot dish and competitions on endurance of a bladder.

As we can compare? Though of course, we can. Compare man`s and female logic. Means it is possible to compare somehow and education, a way of life and traditions. Another matter - for what? For satisfaction of need for inquisitiveness to foreign culture. Or for search of differences in comparison.

Anyway, you stick to a stereotype: - That to Russian - it is good, to the German - death. And then - comparison will be in your advantage. From it there will be a pleasure and rest in soul.

Is possible that all this sounded unconvincingly. But nobody applied for absolute objectivity. Solves, anyway everyone -.