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Work of the seller: profession or diagnosis?

the Seller not a profession, but the diagnosis - to it there is a simple explanation. Not each person will sustain 12 hours in a trading floor because it is necessary to adhere all this time to a huge number of various rules and to be in high spirits to communicate with clients. Clients come across everyones: from this turn, to all of you perfectly explained, I will go to your competitors at them cheaper. The main thing smile, smile that the client wanted to come again and absolutely not very well that you at the same time are similar to the idiot. I happened to work as the seller in three companies - Metida, Pragm, White wind digital and to all of them something lacked. Someone, indifferently trained personnel, and someone did not do it at all, but was and which - that the general requirement to quality of work was imposed by all. Especially I want to stop on some rules which are established in retail distribution networks: it is constant to follow the client - once when I and did, to me it was told stop to pursue me. While in the hall there are no buyers, wipe show-windows and when they (buyers) appear, throw everything and run to them. As a result the hall was filled with rags and detergent. Favourite dish all shops it is additional sale when the client came behind disposable scarfs, and left on the new car filled by purchases. At such moments the seller is similar to the actor and the dexterous adventurer at the same time: take this handbag, it so approaches your new dress, take photographic paper and new cartridges to the printer you want the photo press, and the paint going a set hardly will be enough for couple of pictures, take cleaning wipes and td. Looks busily nepravdal? Why sellers continue to do it? The answer is very simple - they will be fined if they do not do it here and it is necessary to dodge. At a modern rasprastroneniye of the Internet it is enough to competent buyer to get acquainted with a complete set of goods and guarantee conditions not to buy superfluous, but such people I will directly tell units. What carries away the person in work of the seller. Working conditions and money it is more of nothing. Let`s forget about a friendly staff because the salary consists of, as a rule, low salary and percent therefore there will be fights for each client, convenient days off - because most grain days are Saturday and Sunday sick-lists and holidays because payments will be frankly cheap. Not everything of course is so sad, in a trading floor quite good life experience and friends give various situations if with someone made friends, then these true friends. By the experience I will tell where you also worked the main thing, it is simply good to do the part and then you will be accompanied steadily by success.