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Carefully, service?

Recently we with the friend bought the laptop. We long chose, Ilya wanted good model. Having visited almost all shops of the city, a choice was made in shop mediamarkt. The beech was also, however, good, excellent technical characteristics, the sound case, modern design. We were prepared, bought all necessary accessories and went home to install programs and to deal with the new car. Now computers and laptops almost everything are delivered without restoration disks which will help with a case of emergence of problems to restore an operating system so we had to buy disks. Here too did not do without funny thing. If DVD is required one that ordinary CDs - whole ten, but also of course we chose CD. When programs were installed, and disks are written down, my friend decided to test purchase a little. In the course of the test the key dropped out of the keyboard, after vain attempts to establish it into place it was necessary to address in service. Service of shop, appears, engaged in purely administrative functions, that is accepts goods and sends to the authorized services for further repair. Held us long, argued whether it is necessary to deal with our problem, so this mechanical damage. Such impression was made that employees of this service the fact that the computer was not seen from within, but also the screw-driver never held in hand. After enough long verbalizations we were sent to the authorized service and as business was on Sunday, it was necessary to wait a little a little. Since morning I went to service as it was necessary for Ilya for work. One more inconvenience - on days off services do not work, and suddenly somebody needs urgent repair. In service it was necessary to wait a little again. The answer was unfavourable, they do not deal with similar problems, however, gave the address of other service. It would be unknown what business came to an end if I did not recognize the employee of service with whom once worked. So service, so to speak on old friendship was rendered to me. The button was set up on the former place without any red tape. There is a question as people do without the necessary communications and as long it should be wound on services before lawful service is rendered.