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Whether all should brush teeth?

of Radishchev at school, are remembered, read. Peasants never tear off every day to a luster from the teeth either brushes, or the powders .

My great-grandfather died at the age of 103 years with the teeth. Brushed teeth without fail - apple, cabbage, carrot. And did not bite off, and scraped off the fast small movements as the hare. Generally it looked incredibly ridiculously, but only for want of habit. Firm did not split up as we not to load painters and premolyara, here they at it also escaped. Curdled milk of saws, there calcium and everyone other there is a lot of, and at diseases it was treated by a shredded shell of bird`s eggs. By the way, the grandmother, expecting dityatyu, too it was obliged to pound every day a shell for itself so it was not necessary to pay on tooth for each child to it.

About wine and other small degrees. Usually drink, and then have a snack. But it was necessary to hear from military that they have other order because the drink of burning drink has to rinse teeth. At the inflaming gums this rescue. The commander by order drove into a bog to get an acorus because rinsing of teeth acorus root tincture in vodka closes up in microcrack teeth.

In Smirnov`s book Vershoks and backs (it is fine read about rastyushka of everyones) it was told about magnificent teeth of the people which eat a little and generally corn and/or apricots. It was mentioned if I am not mistaken, melanin as what is necessary for teeth and in corn is available in prosperity.

In the reporting on single swimming through Atlantic - after life half-starving, without carbohydrates, on only one fish, under the burning sun - I do not remember who returned with the magnificent self-repaired teeth. Whether fish ate with bones and all other hryashchevaty fabrics, whether under the sun produced a lot of vitamin D.

At stomatologists to many children put a stamp about natural sanitation of teeth. In most cases it is those children whose parents relied on loss dairy and therefore did not insist on cleaning.

My favourite stomatologist made the recommendation or to brush teeth Parodontax paste (paste - an animal! it is important not to take on a brush a layer more than 1 mm) and a brush electric, or to go to Siberia and there twice a day to kiss the healthy rural guy. It, say, will allocate with the bacterial flora received from the mother and from the mother - the nature. Good such ready biocenosis, in a flash with greed destroying any food remains and wisely protecting the owner`s mouth. And then, having returned what it will hardly want, not to use pastes, conditioners, products with preservatives.

It was about it remembered here that: worms in wounds of soldiers ate away omertvevayushchy fabrics therefore sepses and gangrenes did not happen. Terribly sounds, huh? But modern methods of treatment of the suppurating wounds keep not on antibiotics, and on settling of wounds bacteria - saprofita. So that hour when and with teeth begin to arrive approximately the same as now with a gastrointestinal tract which recommend to occupy artificially by means of any Actimels and Immunele is near. And microorganisms from these products in us for a long time are not late, unlike the family so it is necessary to buy small bottles again and again.

Here and with dental preparations so will be: will find unreliable not long-living and will push in every possible way instead of the brushes and pastes which were finally discrediting themselves. But that who did not destroy pastes native biotsenozik yet, maybe, to preserve it?