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Why to parents it is necessary an art - therapy?

Mission of art in human life - to connect thoughts, soul and flesh. Art - the intermediary among people who is helping to understand each other and own life and pulling together between himself and with the nature. Art is an expression of feelings and transfer of an individual view of the beheld things by means of plasticity, the speech and/or music. Art is many-sided

, it can be fighting and phyto, an art and sports. Art in architecture, a sculpture, music, poetry, literature, painting, cinematography, the photo Houses, at work, on the street - everywhere.

Power of art - in impact on people. From the middle of the XX century psychologists and psychotherapists strenuously study the curing possibilities of therapy by art. The drama - tantsedvigatelny, music - art, colors - laughter - the nature - therapy . All listed occupations by art unite one term - an art - therapy.

As treat an art - therapy or What to note at practicing an art - therapists?

When using an art - therapies by psychologists (an art - therapists) impact on a brain happens at 3 levels: spiritual, vibration and emotional. The psychotherapists practicing an art - therapists, use different approaches to the patient and adhere to the different points of view on healing by art:

1) with the help an art - therapies come into closer contact with the client and get access to his experiences;

2) use effect of creativity for derivation of thoughts of the patient from sore and creations at it a positive spirit;

3) consider that an art - therapy itself helps the person to sublimate feelings, gives vent to destructive emotions, changes an emotional state.

What is emotion? Word emotion came in the XVII century from the French word mouvior that means to set in the motion . And Latin word emovere means I shake I concern . Thus, semantic communication of the words " is visible; emotion and movement .

The scientist D. Stewart called positive emotions power source of life and negative - crisis affects which are necessary for a survival and are transformed in positive by means of game. Emotions are based on emotional tone of feelings which accompany impressions (for example, flavoring, temperature, painful and others), including it is an emotional response to works of art. The principle of impact on tone of feelings is also the cornerstone of science an art - therapies.

In our modern culture and life we treat emotions, feelings and a body as to something unconscious. Social environment forces the person to suppress or mask the emotions, and then they begin to be expressed in psychosomatic diseases (the item z. - result of such emotional states as anger, alarm, depression, sense of guilt). As one scientist spoke about emotions - each of them has the value in a survival, but the same emotion which is suppressed can distort a body.

When comes time for an art - therapies?

When there comes the heavy moment in life, whether it be the collected fatigue or a stress, the person begins to look for that he will be able to distract his thoughts from a negative. Often for positive emotions address art or sport, even extreme sport. For example, parachute jump in depressive situations the good assistant as the feelings caused by this action - fear, admiration - is much stronger than the existing negative, and big feelings (emotions) absorb smaller. But it does not cure a brain and a state of mind, and puts a big trauma - kills nervous cages, suppresses.

An art - therapy - a relaxation method, derivation from artificially created reality, the help in self-expression, in the solution of the existing problems, in concentration on important tasks. Also it is worth addressing it in stressful situations and hysterical states. (However if the state is very critical, it is better not to practice, and to address experts - doctors and psychologists.)

Where in life meets an art - a vozdestviye?

to calm down, remove mental stress, to concentrate, unconsciously (it is frequent - speaking by phone) you take the handle and on a scrap to paper begin to draw or shade geometrical figures.

Mother lulls the child of a lullaby of songs. Scientists compare it on influence force to sleeping pill, at the same time curative.

In improving sanatoria, on occupations by physiotherapy exercises lessons pass with music - it allows to strengthen effect of procedure. In obstetric practice music is applied at certain stages of obstetric aid - it relaxes the woman in labor and well influences a fruit.

Why parents should seize receptions an art - therapies?

It is unconditional, to seize an art - therapy professionally, having read one article, it is impossible, but it is worth using some of its receptions to parents. The first time in a garden, the first time in school, the period of examinations - all this stressful situations for a weak organism of the child. To cultivate in the child resistance to stressful situations, love to fine and to work, and also to develop a brain (as work as fingers develops mental capacities), it is possible to use such receptions an art - therapies before a stressful situation and after it:

Skazkoterapiya and igroterapiya:

and) to think up the fairy tale; to

) to read the beginning of the unfamiliar fairy tale, to think up the termination; to read up the fairy tale; to discuss.

Therapy by the fine arts: to

and) having taken many multi-colored felt-tip pens, to draw anything, without thinking; to find similarities to objects and objects;

) to draw the portrait; then to draw all you think of.

Nature therapy:

and) to observe and listen to birds; to dream that they want to tell; houses to draw the seen birds;

) to describe what or to whom clouds are similar to; to

in) after picnic outdoors before going to bed to say with the child that it was pleasant to it.

At a session an art - therapies it is important:

1) before joint creativity to close eyes and to relax;

2) to work in common, but everyone on the business;) it is frequent to

3 to look in the face;

4) to help;

5) not to distract from work;

6) to keep calm always;

7) to create the pleasant atmosphere (it is good to turn on a gentle music or voices of the nature as a color background of your creativity);

8) to discuss process (session) after its termination.

As is correct to choose art for treatments ?


to define what look an art - therapies will have bigger influence, answer the following questions:

1. To what art form there is a tendency?

2. What does the bigger pleasure bring?

3. Whether the person yawns during a session (including house)?

4. Whether willingly starts to started by you to the game ?

Depends on correctly picked up art form recovery persons, the strong-willed and emotional background becomes stronger. In the course of creativity ability to self-express trains, there is a self-affirmation, pleasure from the received result causes positive emotions. The bigger amount of positive emotions in a day forms an optimistical spirit of the personality in life.

How many still advantage brings art? Parents, working with the child (for example, drawing with him), remove psychological stress, get rid of negative emotions, come into close contact, strengthen related relations. With the help an art - therapies of feeling (emotion) which weakened with age and coarsened - are refreshed. It is possible not only admire works of art, but also to be treated in the course of their creation!