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Why Tropinin was nicknamed the most Moscow artist ?

Lace maker Zlatoshveyka Son`s Portrait - these cloths of Vasily Andreevich Tropinin, one of the most lyrical painters of the first half of the 19th century, are known to all. However not less than pictures, he is famous for the biography - very few people could do a way from the serf draftsman to the academician of Academy of Arts. Only Taras Shevchenko whom all intellectual world redeemed from a serfdom comes back to memory. But if the hard destiny threw a grief crape over T. G Shevchenko`s creativity, then V. A. Tropinin in any scrapes managed to keep courage and joyful warmth of plots.

Unfortunately, precisely to establish when in the village of Karpovka of the Novgorod province the country boy Vasya was born, there were impossible, and years 1776 or 1780 - only the most probable dates of birth of Tropinin. As a live dowry for the bride Vasily to the count I. I. Morkov who, of course, put many sticks in wheels to future painter - for example, despite of abilities to drawing got, sent the boy to study to St. Petersburg to to the confectioner, and then when Tropinin became the student of the St. Petersburg academy of Arts and made fine progress, did not allow to study up and took away in a Little Russian manor (where forgiving Tropinin began to draw actively picturesque peasants from life, having preferred to belong to to the reference as to training).

But generally I. I. Morkov was a personality perceptible - the gallant Ekaterina`s fighter, the head of the Moscow militia of 1812. Wide popularity of the count allowed Tropinin to meet outstanding people, to paint their portrait, to strike up useful acquaintances those years when Morkov` family lived in the capitals.

On a big group portrait of count family it is visible how Tropinin`s skill was quickly improved. In a year of its writing (1815) Vasily Andreevich`s manner is still reserved and reminds style of the 18th century though poses of the count and children are live and gusty - in the spirit of romanticism. And strongly darkened paints speak about bad technical equipment of the master. However in 3 years Tropinin paints the well-known portrait of the son Arseny - easy, warm, amazingly natural, with expressive dabs, with large spots of light and shade.

Tropinin remembered that those years he feverishly drew from life everything that caught sight. The line of national types - seamstresses, lace makers, herdboys, picturesque old men grew from rural life of Vasily Andreevich further. Their distinctive feature is the optimistichnost - all faces are lit with smiles which as if are strange for expecting from the people exhausted with slavery. But also the Tropinin possessing physical and sincere health looked at life easily and claimed that invented nothing in the works - really smiled to it!

Only to the middle of life Tropinin managed to become the academician of Academy of Arts and to receive a personal liberty (1823). He lodged in Moscow, in the house from a workshop at the corner of Volhonka and Lenivki, and gradually became one of the leading masters so-called negligent a portrait (an example - a pair portrait of a couple of Protasyev) - specific Moscow fashion on the image of the person in house clothes which indicated seclusion and intimacy of the events, unlike portraits St. Petersburg, ceremonial and pompous. Vasily Andreevich so grew together with a dressing gown, as in it welcomed guests, sentencing: I acquired this dress, in it it is more free to work...

Tropinin was so successful and popular that received the nickname the most Moscow artist it managed to give the atmosphere of pleasant, full and easy Moscow life.