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Protect yourself and the relatives! We make out the traumatic and gas weapon

In this article I will tell as quickly and without efforts for onositelno short term to become the owner of the gas or traumatic weapon. Unfortunately our society is subject to influence of a criminal element, any criminal report does not do without messages about attacks on citizens in broad daylight, the purpose of robbers, as a rule, is your property. In any case property, take an interest at the children whether long ago people in sportivy « suits approached them; adibas and with characteristic appearance, on purpose will profit money? To residents of the megalopolis all this too zankomo... Until it concerned you (there is a strong wish that never concerned) read this article. You are able to protect the family!

To obtain the license for the self-defense weapon, it is necessary to provide in It is license - Allowing department necessary documents, and also to get and establish a metal box or the safe for storage of the weapon. Your application is considered Is license - Allowing Department (OLRR) at your Department of Internal Affairs in a place of registration within 10 days. After the 10th day term employees of LRR are obliged to adopt or take cognizance of your statement, or to direct you official refusal.

In case check on your observation business were the positive decision is made and is passed, you take examination for knowledge of rules of storage, carrying and use of weapons. During 30 - day term to you the license for the self-defense weapon has to be granted. However, as practice shows, date of receipt of the license can be increased for the objective reasons sometimes before half a year and more. After obtaining the license you can buy the weapon. As the license for storage and carrying the weapon of self-defense is issued for a period of 5 years, you can buy the weapon not right after receiving, and during all period of validity of the license. After acquisition of the weapon of self-defense you are obliged in 2kh - week term to register your weapon in Is license - Allowing Department at Department of Internal Affairs.

Number of your weapon is brought in your observation business and from this term at you the experience of knowledge of the weapon begins to be estimated. In 3 months prior to the termination 5 - summer validity period you are obliged to prolong your license. License renewal is carried out in the same order, as well as receiving new. First of all, it should be noted, that weapon on which to individuals licenses are not granted and which is not on free sale or it was brought from - for a boundary.

You will not be able to get permission on:

- Short-barreled &ndash military weapon; guns or revolvers (Makarov`s gun, gun TT, Morgolin`s gun etc.) .

- Automatic weapon (Kalashnikov, submachine guns, grenade launchers, etc.).

- The Weapon of those models which are absent in the list of the State Inventory of the weapon.

It is forbidden by the existing Russian legislation. It is possible to get permission and the license for other types of the weapon. The license for the self-defense weapon represents 1 (one) card with your photo now. The acquired weapon in quantity to 5 (five) units is entered in the license for the self-defense weapon from the back. It can be any weapon entering this category:

- gas guns and revolvers or weapon of traumatic

action (Wasp, Makarych, Naganych, Viking, etc.) .

License for the gas weapon and license for the traumatic

&ndash weapon; it is the same license and has one name

- License for acquisition, storage and carrying the

weapon of self-defense.

Here you see, everything is not so difficult. Remember, buying the weapon you get means of control, but not attack!