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What is the audiobook?

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Not so long ago on counters musical and bookstores disks with names of the famous literary works and the mysterious phrase " appeared; audiobook .

I as the person wishing to be aware of everything decided to find out what is it.

By the next and more detailed consideration it became clear that the audiobook is very interesting and original thing, and the most important - convenient. And for all, beginning from school students and finishing busy businessmen.

The audiobook is a compact - a disk with record of the literary work, whether it be the classical novel, or the children`s fairy tale. The text of work is read by the famous actors and professional readers that does such disk even more attractive. Convenience of the audiobook is that it is possible to listen to it in any place - in the car on the way to work or on the dacha, at work (but only that did not disturb a major activity), at home, on vacation, that is, to combine business with pleasure. In our century of mad speeds when every minute on the account, simply does not remain to time to refresh classics in memory or, on the contrary, to get acquainted with literature novelties.

And the format is convenient the variety too - audio - CD, a MP3 - CD and the audio cassette. It is necessary only to choose what is necessary for you.

Audiobooks - ideal option for blind and visually impaired people who have no opportunity to read books, but want to plunge into the magic and fascinating world of literature again, to continue the education.

And the choice of works which exist in an audiobook format is so broad that just eyes run up. For pupils of schools there is a special " series; Library of the school student for absolutely little listeners it is always possible to find fairy tales of people of the world, author`s works for kids. Adults and always busy persons will be pleased by works of modern writers. And classics, I think, will not remain unaddressed.

In a word, come, buy and enjoy!

Should telling about the price. It turned out that the audiobook - pleasure inexpensive. Everything, of course, depends on the author, his popularity and a raskruchennost, but even practically each person is able to afford works of honored masters of literature. They are not much dearer, than the good bound book.

The only minus of the audiobook, in my opinion to opinion - that we and so read a little owing to what literacy decreases. And now, when there were audiobooks, can forget in general about books the presents, paper. But here each own master, will also arrive as there is a wish.

Naturally, at such quantity of pluses of the audiobook, I could not go ungifted away from shop, and bought to myself couple of disks. And it must be said, did not regret. At least because in my collection new literary works appeared.

And besides it is a quite good gift.

Should be told, as our president wishes to listen to the audiobook on the way to work or important meeting.

So to all who are not familiar with audiobooks I wish to get acquainted with them somewhat quicker.