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For a wheel without efforts!

Lately in increasing frequency there is a wish to echo an old variety smash hit in which it is sung about the cars which captivated literally everything around. And it is not sophisticated, the car as we know, it is not luxury, but a vehicle, convenient means at all besides. To bring quickly us to an appointment point the four-wheel friend and I am glad and here trouble, not at everyone to go to eat the documents allowing control of vehicles. It does not matter! This article is directed just to the help to the beginning motorist to take the first step - to receive treasured crusts on management of an iron horse.

So, we will begin. And it is worth beginning with the choice of the place where we will grind away at the studies, but sciences very spetsepichesky. The traffic regulation (TR) demand from the pupil of assiduity and attentiveness. Not obdelenyna these qualities? There now and perfectly, then safely we find out where we can be trained? As a rule those services are provided by DOSAAF or sports technical schools. Now there are a lot of private firms providing services of this sort. As the main criteria at the choice of the place of training serves the price which can fluctuate from 10 - 12 thousand rubles to fifty at private schools, and also on courses on extreme driving. Learn about ways of an advance payment, often for convenience you can pay part of the sum at the beginning of training, and the rest already at examination. It is also important to learn whether is included gasoline which you will spend in the course of practical training in the training price. Training payment, with the included costs of fuel will be an optimal variant. Costs will make a reservation and to note that all above-stated aspects are by default described for a case when the pupil wants to receive only category C (control of a legkovyvma of cars). Besides, try to find the place of a bucheniye not too far from the house from the house, it will significantly simplify training process. Often protsees training in subtleties of traffic regulations goes in parallel with process of work or education.

Perfectly, with the place of training everything is clear. Safely we go there, we find something similar to a reception or accounts department. It is necessary to learn when is the set on training in the categories chosen by you is made. We learn from personnel what documents will be required to us for revenues to training. As a rule it is the medical certificate with a list of the specified doctors, the passport, the copy of the passport, the copy of the medical certificate, and also documents which will ask to bring you in addition (varies depending on the place of training). It is worth selecting the medical certificate especially. In fact it is a roundabout leaf where all doctors who have to check your health undersign, and also give you the admission before driving, be not too lazy to pass this reference without paying a bribe to doctors though it will borrow a little longer than time.

And here, this disturbing moment came, you, having brought all required documents are enlisted in group of pupils. It`s cool! Be not too lazy to descend the first time on occupation, on the first a zkhanyatiya you will get acquainted with instructors, and also with your fellow students. Usually age structure of groups is very wide, here and young people, solid men, women advanced in years, young stars. That there is a wish to do, operate a treasured car much. On the first occupation the schedule according to which occupations for your group will be conducted is also defined, also a practical training will be distributed later.

It is already necessary to come to the second task having prepared. Notebook, the handle, the list of examination cards, rules traffic regulations (surely you look at a date of issue, changes are made regularly, the freshest copies are necessary). Attentively listen to the instructor, be not too lazy to ask unclear things to develop from the neophyte into the experienced pro you need only desire and perhaps sharpness. Already from the first occupations begin to proreshivat examination cards. Sort unclear questions during occupations, focus attention on contentious clauses. If you set high speed at the beginning, tofinat in the form of examination will be just a piece of cake.

Unfortunately on paper it is very difficult to prepare obuchayeshchegosya for a practical training, it is that case when experience solves everything. The practical part for 85% depends only on you and for 15% of your instructor, try to execute his commands and be attentive.

Well and a couple of words for ladies and girls who just want to become a car - the lady. Expensive, lovely! Do not listen at all to boors who without grounds call all women - drivers by punishment for the others. Chauvinism acquitted nobody yet. Great ladies, pay a little more attention to the theory and you without efforts will be able to outdo uncivilized men, already the fact that you will go without blots. Good luck on the road and always on green!