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Democracy on - Spartan. The new round of disputes around legalization of the weapon

Idea of the American democracy can be considered as the major sign, some kind of icon western civilization. Usually the idea of democratic board is output from antique Greece (Athena). Now I would like to talk about how the idea of antique democracy was embodied in other Greek

policy - To Sparta. The ideal of Spartan democracy provided government of two tsars at simultaneous

existence of the armed people ready to protect the freedom from enemies, both external, and internal.

Sparta was the only Greek policy which did not demand a construction of defensive walls for the protection. Each citizen of Sparta armed with a sword, a spear and a board was simultaneous a component of political safety of the state. Sparta became history as an example of courage, physical force and asceticism. At the same time the political freedom and national independence were the most important attributes of Sparta. The Spartan democracy awarded and obliged the citizens to carry arms and was based on it. Neither the external enemy, nor the internal usurper could control the people always armed and capable to protect the freedom and independence. The ideal of Spartan democracy has huge value for free citizens of the XXI century.

the State in which only the police is armed inevitably tends to turn into a police state. The democracy demands that freedom was protected by force of arms and only the democracy can entrust the people the weapon. The armed population is reliable protection against external aggression. No foreign army will be able strongly to occupy the territory of other nation if its population in the majority is armed.

In democratic society the right to carry arms for wide circles of the population assumes that the police

will never pass a framework of legal and will not turn into army. At the same time the society consisting of the armed citizens demands for maintenance of an internal order considerably of the smaller number of police officers and smaller army for external protection. When all citizens are armed, the quantity of crimes considerably decreases. It is obvious also that any external enemy having reason well will think before he decides on aggression against Spartan societies. On my belief, the armed citizens have to have the weapon of the same calibers which consist on arms at police and army.

The weapon of this type perfectly is suitable for hunting and sport. At the same time wide use of the weapon of fighting mission automatically creates a possibility of transformation, in case of need, of the armed citizens in the armed militia or a militia. In case of threat of national security the armed citizens will be able quickly and effectively to protect society, using at the same time the own weapon. Use of the smooth-bore and small-bore

weapon for sport and hunting is good only in a peace time. However in a crisis situation only fighting types of the cut weapon can be effective. When the population which rose by protection of the country is armed with the cut weapon, for example, carbines 444 - Marlin it will be able quickly and effectively to begin military operations, having at the same time so many cartridges how many it will be possible to carry on itself. On the other hand, even outdated and non-standard types of firearms which cartridges of a military sample approach are suitable for national defense.

Billions of cartridges of a military sample are stored in warehouses in each country.

I am convinced that the best weapon for the armed citizens of the 21st century is the cut rifle. This weapon is easy to use, effective in application, precisely and absolutely independently. It can be used ideally for hunting and sport. The rifle, thus, can effectively be used for arms of a national militia. The semi-automatic rifle can effectively be used by tactical training and actions of big groups of soldiers, including at their training. The semi-automatic and automatic rifles used in mass fight lead to a big expense of cartridges with rather low accuracy of firing. But they give the maximum psychological effect. The cut rifle at the same time is the terrible weapon in hands of specially trained sniper and does not demand from each fighter national a militia to have at itself a large number of ammunition and cartridges.

One well trained fighter armed with a rifle and several holders can send big group of soldiers of the enemy to forefathers. From the practical point of view, idea to arm citizens -

Spartans a cut rifle it is easily feasible. Millions of these fine rifles are stored in warehouses practically in all states. Their use for the military purposes is simple and does not demand any expenses. Thus, the idea of a wide circulation among citizens, in democratic society, rifles of a fighting sample seems indisputable and obvious.

Relationship between free citizens and the electoral authorities has to be based on trust. People trust the government the power and maintenance of public infrastructure. At the same time the government has to trust the citizens the right to protect the freedom and interests if it is required, then in arms.