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How it is possible to meet the May Day with advantage? Kozma - the gardener came...

the First day of the last spring month according to a national calendar appear as Kozma is a gardener. Our ancestors believed that Kozma cares about health and the peasant`s lives, he protects shoots from pouring rains and dead woods, saves salutary dew on beds.

In the people spoke so: Kozma Came - glanced in cellars, took a shovel - at a log hut dug up the earth. On Kozma sow carrots and " beet;. Undoubtedly, these vegetables - a well of vitamins and useful substances. They were grown up for a long time and with pleasure eaten. Let`s remember them which - that interesting, and at desire it is possible and to grow up them the hands...

people know beet from an extreme antiquity. In the third century B.C. the Ancient Greek botanist Teofrast described beet which grew on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Kievan Rus` cultivated it in 10 - 11 centuries. Our ancestors grew up beet generally as a medical plant. And ancient Romans ate beet leaves with pleasure in due time. Now red rhizocarpous beet by right is considered one of the most popular plants.

Carrots were familiar to people for 2 thousand years B.C. It was entered into culture by ancient Greeks and Romans who used it only as a delicacy. Vegetable gained distribution in 14 - 16 centuries where it was applied in the medical purposes in Europe. Russia grows up carrots from time immemorial, generally it is small-fruited grades. And here, for example, in China and Japan cultivate culture which root crops reach one meter in length and thickness about large beet.

About advantage these a miracle - vegetables can be talked endlessly. Among root crops beet takes the third place on a nutrition value after cabbage and carrots. It contains proteins and fats, cellulose and sugar, organic acids and vitamins, salts of calcium, potassium, iodine, magnesium etc. Beet - fine means from a scurvy and avitaminosis, is useful at an anemia and a hypertension, promotes removal from a cholesterol organism. And it is still established that the organic substance which is available in it - betanin slows down development of malignant tumors.

Roots of carrots are rich with carotene. Grades with orange coloring contain in 100 g of crude weight to 9 mg of carotene. For comparison - the daily need of the person for it makes 1,5 mg. It should be noted that the carotene which is contained in carrots, turning in a human body into vitamin A, prevents development of such disease as night blindness. The lack of this vitamin leads to decrease in visual acuity in twilight. And still carrots help to support skin and mucous membranes with a good shape, it strengthens an organism and increases its resilience to various infections.

Experts consider that with crops of beet should not hurry. At early crops and low temperatures of the soil beet is subject to fast blossoming. At the same time it, as a rule, does not form underground bodies. Its shoots maintain cold snaps to minus three degrees, and best of all grow at a temperature from 15 to 23 degrees above zero. Beet well transfers a drought, but does not love remoistening of the soil. Excess of moisture oppresses its growth and reduces productivity. It is extremely exacting and to light, shading for it is pernicious. By the way, at cultivation of beet it is possible to avoid many problems if and before emergence of the first shoots to cover beds after crops with a polyethylene film. So the soil will quicker heat up, moisture will well remain, and in a week it is possible to expect emergence of the first sprouts.

Carrots - more cold-resistant plant. Seeds begin to sprout already at 3 - 4 degrees of heat though the optimum temperature of growth and development - about 20 degrees. Seeds of carrots sprout quite slowly, sometimes only in 2 - 3 weeks. It is possible to accelerate emergence of shoots by means of the same film. Carrots impose big requirements to moisture, but do not take out the rehumidified soil. It is also exacting and to lighting. At a lack of light of a plant are extended, at a strong zagushcheniye - perish. To receive a solid harvest, for carrots choose well lit sites, in time weed and thin out crops. And here with cleaning it is not necessary to hurry, on the contrary, as the most intensive growth of roots goes after full development of leaves.

Our ancestors believed that Kozma is a gardener patronized peasants, preserved the seeds planted to the earth. Who knows, maybe, all modern gardeners - to fans should rely on precepts of history and to carry out this holiday also with advantage on the personal plot. Good luck to you and rich morkovno - a beet harvest!