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Whether the praise is necessary to us or whether Only the kind word is pleasant to a cat?

Who will praise me best of all, that will receive sweet " candy;. (The quote from the animated film).

I think that special words were born almost along with the birth of the human speech. It would seem, was a mimicry, gestures and poses enough to express all unprecedented love to a subject of the adoration, whether it be the planned sexual partner or the leader of cave community.

Poses of humility and adoration are known at many animals. Especially the confidants who deserved favor and allowed to a body can it is proud to sit near and to pick out insects from the chief`s wool. Everything all right is arranged long ago in this world. But also words were necessary.

A praise and flattery - things, really, different. But we use them alternately. We praise children unconditionally - and it is correct. Nedokhvalenny the child can seek all life for recognition. We praise relatives - because they are dear to us. With humility and pleasure we accept a praise unless from rough flattery slightly we shrink (who as, of course). But Oh, Great Padishah! or Oh, light of our eyes we perceive sometimes and as due.

I do not know that will be told besides by psychologists, but it is necessary to praise. And for good reason and idle. Girls, because beautiful, boys, because strong, all - because clever (idlers). Husbands - because gold - yakhontovy - hard-working - understanding. Friends - because good fellows. In total - for the fact that you are accepted as is. Itself - for the fact that the patience is enough for them on all.

Most difficult at work. The praise to the subordinate is one, the praise to the chief can ambiguously be apprehended. (Well how to tell: Ivanivanych, you such... You such...!) . Well, now and chiefs not to praise? Yes, with the office relations not easy. There are in general handymen everywhere and to manage to praise all owing to what on life are not offended. By the principle: tender sucks a tel of two uterus. But it is the whole talent, with it it is necessary to be born. Though advice in this respect by experts

By the way, " is given; praised best of all risks to see sometimes that sweet candy someone eats another. Or object of a praise.

A A. Lincoln considered that the flattery and knifing (in the English option - a word-play) - are in consanguinity. Some understand it and try to deal let with gloomy, but efficient taciturn persons.

But most of all councils pour in an unfading subject of the family relations. How to praise the man moreover and not without advantage for itself (not self-interest for the sake of, of course, and tokmo for maintenance of a good spirit in a family). What is offered? Whole guides to a praise.

Your man made something low-quality? But made, tried! Let at a pribivaniye of one shelf another collapse. And she in general, maybe, also did not fit into a concept of kitchen. The person intuitively understood it, he has a fine taste... And so on.

Praise to the man maybe indirect: to ask council (as the cleverest), to look with value and admiration after carried out nights full of " fire;. Directly according to B. Shaw who advised to flatter so that the person understood it, but at the same time felt that he is worthy flatteries. Quite, it is quite worthy.

Now there is a lot of advisers. And here praises in real life, apparently, it is valid, is not enough. To scold is always please. It is begun to praise on commemoration.

Also the main issue - as there about sincerity stays behind scenes? It is possible to fork, of course, in life for roles of the good Police officer and Bad Police officer. To apply the recommended tactics of a carrot and stick. But we - not investigators and not trainers. We remain nevertheless people who have a need and for recognition of the present advantages (at all), and in recognition of nonexistent or ill-defined advantages (at many), also the need for sincerity meets (not always).

Both all the same, and all the same it is necessary to praise. Even to flatter. And to podolstitsya. Do not flatter the neighbor, and we will not flatter you will be

But - it is sincere. With all the heart and disinterestedly.

Nevertheless it is better, than to get nasty, insult, bark and it is proud to decrease with consciousness of the fulfilled duty. But also it still anything. Worst of all, as we know, indifference.

And to help can cope with troubles, get out of disorders, even very difficult...