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Your birthday - The first of April?

If day of your birth - the first of April, in this life were largely lucky you. Precisely I know what I speak about, - all advantages it is available.

The first : everything, asked you in what day you made happy mankind with the birth, have an opportunity to feel Stanislavsky, having sincerely and loudly exclaimed: I do not trust! Those Stanislavsky, as it became clear, it is much bigger, than it was expected. Literally every second.

The second : to exercises in wit concerning your birthday nest numbers. Only rare intellectuals manage to be born in so remarkable day! Yes, the most suitable day for birth of the nice blonde... Well, you cool joked... And scientific activity is not contraindicated to you?

The third : this day phone is literally heated from calls from all over the world. Because everything, not calling you for years, remember what is The First of April a day of your birth. And then touching surprises are possible: Hi, I congratulate, this is Fedya from Boston, you remember me? Vasya gave me your phone. We with you had a rest together near Gelendzhik when we were in the second class . Hi, Fedya, I do not remember you, but thanks to you.

: all life this day you will listen to justifications of your mother that it - hurried to bring you into world on the thirty first of March, but you did not hurry, and it was late for about fifteen minutes - twenty. Sense of guilt concerning own sluggishness and feeling of Turtle slow Are provided to you.

Cheerful jokes always expect you at work - for example, tightly vmorozhenny in a big cup with water a key from laboratory about which you are waited by students and where you have to be about ten minutes ago. I suspect that to this joke it is already a lot of years, but its success is invariable, and in your case it is followed also by loud false sincere choral singing Happy birthday .

All invited come to your birthday not in prudish suits and ties, not in beautiful dresses, and, having agreed in advance, in maskaradny dresses and foolish caps. From a threshold you shower with sticky brilliant crimson and blue confetti which cling tightly and so do not go to yours darkly - to a green output dress, but there`s nothing to be done - a holiday.

Gifts which you receive, will be thought surely well over. Shy wishes to receive on birthday pass - the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer will be swept aside as not constructive. The person who was born in SUCH day should receive classical a gift - expensive, bulky and useless, but ridiculous. For example, huge supercompany with brightly - a red bristle the brush for mopping completed with silver angelic wings of meter two in scope - for flights for work as appears from the plate attached to it.

But I know that this day crocuses will surely blossom. Also it will be almost always solar.

And only my remarkable child never exercises the wit in wit this day. He knows that mother loves red roses and biscuit cake with raspberry and cream. And I know that I will receive all this from it as a gift surely. And still some touching madrigal. For example, such:

It is A little years back, in April,

More precisely, the first,

the Nature - mother under a ring of a thaw

unlocked the Chest of treasures.

She decided to make a miracle -

on this world suddenly took You " from there;.