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Where to establish a subwoofer in the car?

are known to All that the standard loudspeakers installed in the majority of cars are not capable to high-quality reproduction bass . An optimal variant - to add a stereosystem of your car with a subwoofer, the device of reproduction of low-frequency components of sound range. However the cost of such unit can be more than the cost of all stereosystem of the car.

About what types of low-frequency registration, and also their theoretical characteristics exist it is possible to read in the article How to make a qualitative subwoofer in the car? This release is devoted to a problem of placement and installation of a subwoofer directly in the car.

Acoustic cunnings

know the few About existence of those, however such receptions can strengthen noticeably sound pressure without any changes in the audio system. Let`s assume that the sabvuferny box suspended in the middle of the room develops sound pressure of 90 dB. If to lower this subwoofer on a floor, pressure will increase by 3 dB. We put to a wall - we get a rise in 6 dB. We place in a room corner - pressure increases by 9 dB in comparison with initial situation.

The mechanism of this phenomenon is quite simple: the more the reflecting surfaces is near a source of sound waves, the concentration of radiation and, respectively, sound pressure is higher. And in the car there are places acoustically favorable for installation of a subwoofer, and, for each type of a body they are the.

How to establish LF - the loudspeaker in a sedan car body?

a sedan the passenger salon is separated by

In cars with type of a body from a luggage compartment therefore in them it is the most difficult to establish a subwoofer. The most successful place the back shelf is considered , that is you establish a subwoofer in a luggage carrier, but so that the loudspeaker or a tube of the phase inverter left in salon through this shelf. At such approach installation of all types of the speaker system is possible.

1. The infinite acoustic screen

the Sabvuferny box is luggage carrier volume. It is the best of all to establish LF - a head in the back shelf, to build in the face in luggage department. It is necessary to strengthen the back shelf, and it is better to make new of thick (18 - 20 mm) MDF - plates. It is necessary in order that did not shake the loudspeaker with a big loudness.

The most necessary condition if all of you decided to use this speaker system, full isolation of a luggage compartment from passenger salon is, that is it is necessary to close all cracks hermetically. Pay attention that not all loudspeakers but only specially developed LF - heads will approach (the type of the recommended acoustic registration is specified in documents goods). The bass will depend also on extent of filling of a luggage carrier.

2. The closed case

of the Requirement to insulating properties of a luggage carrier decrease, but at such joint stock company it will be necessary to alter the back shelf significantly: it is necessary to cut out in it a hole in order that a subwoofer loudspeaker the ball is connected to salon. Net volume of a luggage carrier decreases because in a luggage carrier under the back shelf and the subwoofer will be established.

3. The case with the phase inverter

It is established as well as the closed case, but it is necessary to consider that dimensions of such box there is more previous - about 20 - 40 liters. In the back shelf it is necessary to cut out circles diameter of a tube of the phase inverter.

4. The case of strip type

the Loudspeaker is entirely in a box, and connects to environment by means of ports of the phase inverter. That is it is enough to make in the back shelf only an opening for this port. At the expense of the fact that the loudspeaker is closed in a box there will be no its mechanical damages.

In sedan cars there is one more convenient place for installation of a subwoofer, it is armrests . Many cars in the leaning-back armrests have a window connecting salon with luggage carrier space. It is possible to establish a subwoofer in a luggage carrier so that the loudspeaker was sent just to this window! The sizes of a window have to be not strongly small, otherwise will be the bass from a sabvuferny head is shaded. If the sizes of this window are small even there to arrange a tube of the phase inverter of a cylindrical form, it is possible to use the phase inverter of a slot-hole form or cone-shaped.

How to establish LF - the loudspeaker in a hatchback car body?

In such cars it is simple to h2 to achieve a good bass, that between salon and a luggage carrier there are no obstacles. For a sabvuferny head it is possible to use any type of registration, of course, except the infinite acoustic screen. The most optimal variant: having made an acoustic box, to establish it in a luggage carrier, having directed the diffuser to back glass. The distance between glass and a loudspeaker has to equal (approximately) to diameter of LF - heads. It is the best of all to use loudspeakers with a radius of 10 inches.

How to establish LF - the loudspeaker in a cabriolet?

In such cases the case of strip type or the case with the phase inverter is better to use

. In ideal option it is necessary to use several LF - heads, and in front of the diffuser (if decided to use the closed box) or port of the phase inverter to establish a rigid plate - for increase in concentration of sound waves.