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To slovens in the house not the place? We get a pig!

Traditionally a pig are considered a dirty animal. Even immemorial opponents are Jews and Arabs - in such opinion are unanimous. And in Russian comparison with a pig is accepted only in negative sense: dirty, as pig or you behave on - beastly .

But actually pigs at all not such slovens. For example, in the close shelter of a rural shed the pylon which is contained in the constrained conditions always seeks to go on need to the same corner. Whether also his fault is that this corner appears near a tub with liquid soup? It is not legible in food? But also people, having appeared in difficult conditions, absolutely not always follow the advice stated in immortal Rubai. The pig strives to roll about in street dirt? So and it for hygienic reasons. Be at an animal an opportunity under a shower to lap - probably, would bathe more often than other owners.

Traditional qualities of the pork tribe - mind, cleanliness, ability to training, attachment to other pets and people - are very valuable to the applicant for a pet position. One confuses - the solid sizes. But, it appears, and it not an obstacle. On the world the fashion extends on pass - pig, tiny pigs, with pleasure pleasure of communication and the care of the neighbor presenting the owners. In addition to the listed advantages little animals do not fade and do not cause an allergy.

The tiny sizes - result of purposeful selection. Weight pass - the piga does not exceed twenty kilograms, and representatives of the smallest breed - bergshtresser knirt - fall short also of dozen of kilograms that is quite comparable with a large cat. By the way, in Russian this phrase, difficult for our language, means peanut .

Pass - pig are easily accustomed to a tray, on streets walk on a lead to which it is necessary to accustom from two-month age. After walks the pet with pleasure allows to rinse the hooves and in general very much is positive to water procedures.

For a dream the mumps should allocate a dense warm laying and to grind off teeth, the thick steel chain which second purpose - supply of an organism of an animal with iron is useful. Still piga need an empty seat and unlimited access to fresh drinking water. Plastic toys and balls will help to organize leisure of the pet.

In food pass - pigs are not choosy. All, even eat a dog forage. Porridges, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit are useful to pigs. At any age contraindicated sweet and salty. As well as the more dimensional fellows, pass - pig are inclined to completeness and quickly get out of sportswear if owners do not limit them in food.

At good leaving pass - pigs live till thirty years, on average - in one and a half - two times are less. Features of pork health - frequent colds from which the warm clothes on winter walks and absence of drafts in the house will help to be saved. In crude rooms hooves suffer, hoofed decay can strike them. Do not forget about regular visits to the veterinarian, inoculations pass - the same are necessary for piga, as ordinary pigs.

As well as other pets, pass - pig possess different characters - one are quiet, others require constant attention and communication. In advance prepare for possible efforts.

Considering acquisition of any pet, it is worth remembering that the first delight from its emergence usually passes in the house quickly, and the care, leaving and attention will be required all life of an animal.

Before purchase surely take an interest in the identity of the seller. Otherwise can happen that instead of your blood three - four hundred dollars in the apartment the real male pig in one and a half - weighing two centners will appear over time.

Good luck.