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Albert Schweitzer and his Day of Africa: four professions, one destiny?

The Personal example - not just the best method of belief, and only. (A. Schweitzer)

Who and when thought up Day of Africa - not so important. Once Africans declared on May 25 in the International afternoon, and the other mankind joyfully supported a new holiday. It is possible to consider this day as manifestation of formal political correctness, the stone thrown to the most backward and poor continent. But there was a person whose life all was Day of Africa.

I was born in the period of spiritual decline of mankind. (A. Schweitzer)

the Theologian - the philosopher, the musician, the doctor, the Nobel Prize laureate. The author of numerous books, the giving concerts organist, the founder and the chief physician of the hospital opened on own means in the poor African country of Gabon. He received degree of the doctor of medicine, by the way, for the thesis on a subject: Psychiatric assessment of the identity of Jesus ...

Schweitzer wrote books: I. S. Bach is a musician and the poet History of research of life of Jesus Outlook of the Indian thinkers. Mysticism and ethics the best-known - Culture and ethics Decline and revival of culture. Culture philosophy . Gave lectures about Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Goethe, acted with concerts, raised money for business of the life.

It was time when people who expressed readiness at the word " subsequently were already born; culture to get the gun... And some merry fellows called Schweitzer monster of mercy . Quality of this mercy and ethical reasonings, as usual, finally was estimated by mankind already later, and now Albert Schweitzer`s books are published in all languages and enter training programs of all higher education institutions (and not on one specialization). Naturally, the book and in the ZhZL series is published ( Life of remarkable people ) . There is a medal of Albert Schweitzer, streets, educational institutions, even the ship are called by his name.

The Civilization is such fine idea that someone has to begin its implementation . (Schweitzer).

Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1956), having been born in Germany (in that part which now the territory of France), studied at the same time in Strasbourg and Sorbonne theology, philosophy, divided the theory of music and medicine and all life between Europe and Africa. In Europe he gave lectures at the largest European universities, gave organ concerts, published the books, got awards, and in Africa - constructed hospital. One small hospital in which to work, following its example, there arrived other doctors and nurses. Also all worked gratuitously, beginning from Schweitzer and his wife is nurses.

The truth has no fixed hour. Its time every time comes in only case when when it appears the most untimely. (A. Schweitzer)

at the expense of the Frankfurt award of Goethe built the house for rest of personnel of hospital. At the expense of Nobel Peace Prize of 1952 the small village for leprous is constructed. And also Schweitzer opposed tests of the nuclear weapon ( The Address to mankind and others).

True ethics begin where cease to use words. (A. Schweitzer)

Till last days A. Schweitzer continued to accept patients. Of course, will seem to someone wild: why, having become a world celebrity, to vegetate in a jungle of Africa? Enjoy glory, success, the fees and just respect of all grateful mankind ! Give lectures on the largest universities where wait will not wait, give concerts where the public will break. At last, write couple more of tens books - too will become best-sellers.

But he both dies and remains in that place which created. Also it is buried under windows of the office.

The Truth should be organized " too;. (A. Schweitzer)

A the hospital exists still. Works. Accepts sufferers.

It is possible to shout: We do not need the coast Turkish, and Africa is not necessary to us! . Of course, it is not necessary. But, it is worth ceasing to treat children of Africa (though literally though figuratively), can happen so that the turn will reach all others. Us - children of Europe, America and Australia. Direct link is also historically recorded.

The humanity can be called somehow ( humanity is in what boys in the childhood are engaged? - the brilliant quote from the recent movie Put radio . Frazochka strongly gives platitude, but the sense is deeper: ideals, unfortunately, too not for adulthood, the idealism is intended for young men). But if to eradicate humanity absolutely, at all, that together with it we very quickly will eradicate also life. Call - do not call, and people whose calling will be a humanity in the only possible understanding will be periodically born.

Business and not in Africa at all. At all not in it... In us.

I am life which wants to live, in the thick of other lives which want to live. (A. Schweitzer)