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What do we do not know about egg?

are difficult to imagine a full-fledged diet of the modern person without eggs, they contain all nutrients necessary for our health. If to trust history, then more than 2500 years ago when the army of the tsar Darius came back from India with rich production, soldiers brought to Persia and hens. Locals considered that these birds help the sun to fight against darkness. Darius ordered to keep roosters in each house and forbade to kill them. There passed some more centuries, both the rooster and chicken appeared on the Black Sea coast, and then began to cackle across all Russia.

Appearance of egg is so habitual for contemporaries that often we also do not pay attention to its structure and surprising structure . And it is worth reflecting and to get accustomed attentively - what in it is only not present The shell, a podskorlupny cover, egg white and yolk, and between a shell and a film is available also an air layer which is called more precisely frighten. The shell occupies no more than 10 percent from the weight of the egg. It consists of carbonic calcium, in other words - swept. By the way, the strong shell is and there is a guarantee of quality of egg.

More than a half of mass of egg occupies of squirrels . It is considered one of the most valuable foodstuff. Protein consists of water (87%), full-fledged proteins (12%) and mineral substances. And still it very often helps out hostesses in a preparation time of these or those dishes. You judge: he is irreplaceable for confectionery creams and meringue, helps to make so that cutlets did not collapse when frying, or, for example, fritters looked more beautiful and ruddier.

The yolk on a third consists of the fats rich with irreplaceable nonsaturated acids, cholesterol and lecithin. In addition, it contains about 17 percent of full-fledged proteins, and A, B1, B2, D, E, mineral salts of calcium and phosphorus and minerals - iodine, copper, cobalt is still vitamin-rich. The yolk is obliged by the coloring to carotene. The it brighter also is more yellow, the it is more in vitamin A egg.

For a long time options of process of preparation eggs caused a set of disputes in people. For example, ancient Egyptians wrapped egg in I will forgive and rotated them over the head until it was not warmed (now we call it traditional soft-boiled egg). For those who forgot, I will remind: to cook soft-boiled egg, it needs to be placed in a saucepan with the boiling water and to cook about 3 minutes. You want " egg; in a sack - you cook 4,5 - 5 minutes. If you love hard boiled eggs - it is necessary to wait 8 - 10 minutes.

It will be useful to remember some more of egg secrets :

1. If to cook eggs at strong heating, protein will become firm, and a yolk softer. If cooking is carried out at weak heating, the yolk will get hardness, and protein will remain friable. Ideal option - moderate heating.

2. That testicles did not crack during cooking - put them in a pan with cold water and you cook at a moderate temperature.

3. Can cook eggs and with a nadtresnuvshy shell, but that they did not flow out, well salt water or spread a crack with lemon juice.

4. That the cooked eggs separated from a shell better, it it is necessary to split and lower them in cold water for several minutes.

And, at last, several important remarks on quality product. Period of storage of eggs depends, first of all, on temperature. At room fresh eggs maintain 10 - 12 days, in the refrigerator - about a month. If to lower egg in bank with salty water, fresh will drown, too stale - will emerge, and average freshness will be intermediate.

On a shell dark stains are noticeable - means, in egg putrefactive process began, in food it is unsuitable. If in egg the blood ring meets - such product cannot be used in no shape or form too. If protein pinkish, and a yolk oranzhevo - red - it means that chicken blood got to it in the course of formation. Such eggs can be eaten, but it is safer to use nevertheless them for processing - in dough, cutlets, cheesecakes etc. And still, according to experts, eggs are not forbidden to be entered into the diet even to those people who have atherosclerosis of vessels. Here only you should not eat more than 1 - 2 pieces a day.

Strong to you, friends, health and only qualitative products on your table!