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Whether it is possible to win elections " today; United Russia ?

Here some reflections on this subject. Without claims for truth. Practically, probably, today is not present

. All political structure of the country is developed and worked out long ago. However, if to consider some experience of both old, and absolutely almost yesterday`s history, such chance theoretically is. And, it is necessary to work not ideologically, and, more, technically. Though the question of ideology should not be dismissed also.

In - the first, it is necessary to remember how in Soviet period communists almost absolutely won all elections. As you remember, all candidates were representatives indestructible block of communists and non-parties . Reorganization broke this block, non-parties broke away (they - that also made the main majority of the block), and communists, having released from joined began to lose the ranks every day. Especially as the policy of the state was accurately directed then to extinction of the senior generation.

And non-parties are a huge force. On their basis numerous parties also began to be created. However this process affected only small part of this potential.

In - the second, it is necessary to answer a question: why every time on elections though how many - nibud the mass of Russians puzzled with destiny of the Fatherland systematically votes for the same LDPR or shot on the last elections Homeland ? Yes because very many voters do not want to see daily on the screen and in life same or on the contrary, hope for something new, for a fresh stream in gray everyday life. They look for party of the people professing ideology of common sense.

In this regard if it was created, excuse for a taftalogiya, Party of non-parties, many, probably, with pleasure if in it did not register, would vote precisely. The only problem - the person of such party. Though, at desire, and this problem can be solved. In our country there are a lot of prominent and dear people of whom the people are proud and who are not noticed in the ranks of these or those political forces.

Such party is not necessary daily, it is created specifically under elections. Just in alternative to the current situation when there are you at least seven spans in a forehead, but if did not join any political force, you not to see a deputy chair. The law does not allow. And conscience does not allow to stick to someone. As a result also it turns out that we see a great number of easy riders who, by the way, establish for us laws in power structures. And people of business, people of common sense remain on a roadside of political life. And many of current managers and face the same deputies for whom the people voted a dilemma now: as well as with whom to be?

Modern life allows to create also structure of party in the shortest terms. For these purposes it is possible to consider also the principle of well-known network marketing, and also already ready structures of cellular communication. Details how to be told, it is possible to finish routinely.

The new electoral laws every day change. Already and the election threshold is liquidated, and the column Against all consigned to the past. And it is one more plus on a mill of creation of a takoypartiya as Party of non-parties, parties of common sense.