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Whom to order to the Cupid? A pet - the friend and the teacher.

having met the girl Once, I was surprised to her accuracy, a thrift, to ability to hold the ground, to patient character and long could not understand what the secret of the found perfection consists in. A secret was soon revealed when we looked through its family album. Everything was much simpler, than all my guesses!!!

Often in our immediate environment there are people whose most part , in direct and figurative meanings, is the share of care of a pet , as at my beloved. Similar manifestation of love to a favourite kitty, doggie, rat and another biped, four-footed and creeping can raise an unhealthy smile, sometimes hostility, or a look full of indignation to the owner. Especially difficult it is necessary loving couples! Men in the majority though are less inclined to jealousy, than women, in a similar situation are accustomed to show the mentioned ability in various ways: to be upset, fall into an apathetic state, to be silent, to be not here and so on. At first from it it was impossible to leave also at me and the similar behavior was the reason of small skirmishes, conflicts and grandiose quarrels. But if to look at a situation on the other hand, then it is easy to see absolutely obvious things which are clear to steel a time later when its attitude towards me became other, and the base of love - years of care of a fluffy white cat

Favourite pet - sounds at least it is proud and not less validly. The reason for that education which these magnificent creations give us. It would seem what there education, but is not present! The basic that we study to when looks after the favourites - it is of responsibility . She does any person is more adult, teaches it to be responsible for the acts, for the acts made once and, as a result, imparts ability to predict a situation, to count consequences of the actions. Thus, d omashny animals - our teachers , our peculiar guides to the world of the adult world . Therefore all - you should not react to special love of the owner to the pet so ambiguously. Once having elicited at parents or having brought without their permission home of a favourite defenseless animal, you will never forget how many efforts, pleasures and supports were presented by her to you. What forces you should have advocated your interests before parents, to leave for the period of summer vacation, to show the indignation and to abuse the dear friend though it is clear to both - such acts were given with enviable firmness and bravery.

Not only responsibility we are taught by these remarkable creations! We learn to be one in the sad cold evenings when it seems that the world slides anywhere, we learn in to look for supports at those whom we love or once wounded, we learn in to live and rejoice to every moment spent together.

Then can be spoken safely about dumb animals not only as about friends, but also as about mentors! Both that and others will not throw at a difficult moment, are capable to give the lovely look advice and to calm, will share pleasure and will just be near.

But in life it is so arranged that school, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION - all this remains in the past sooner or later and teachers of ours the second and the third we any more will never meet houses. Lessons mewing, barking, peeping and hissing " are also fleeting; teachers . In spite of the fact that completely the favourite glazastik cannot be given, this relation which will be several times stronger, stronger and more devoted to a favourite half subsequently.

In the conclusion I will note that not always the person accepts lessons somebody therefore the above lights sides of only one party of a polygon, and it is possible to conclude all> need and essence of the relations of the person and an animal in these sides .

Anyway to sleduyetotdat due to the nature and to thank her for such remarkable, lovely and gentle teachers!