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How to get a dog? Whether also everything is as simple as it seems?

Having read the name of article, you probably thought that it will be a question of the choice of the pet and his purchase, but everything is not so simple. Of course, I will mention it too, but we will begin from the very beginning - with the fact that you precisely decided to get the new pet.

For a start, decide on breed, recognizing not only from external qualities of an animal, but also from what you can give to an animal. The small apartment opposite to a poor court yard without lawns absolutely improper place for a bobtail or huskies. It is better to support in such conditions Yorkshire terriers or a chikhu - Hua, though for them such place will not be ideal.

It is well, admissible, you decided on breed. Now try to learn as much as possible about the one who will become the member of your family soon: features of breed, contents, leaving and so forth. If all criteria satisfy you and will become accepted for a dog, then can safely look for suitable manufacturers, nurseries and or just vagrant dog on the street.

Before to bring the pet into the new house, surely get all necessary: bowls for food, a collar, a lead, a muzzle (anyway it is necessary!) laying. Do not forget that all dog things have to have the place! The bowl always has to be in kitchen (well or in any other place which you chose), a laying, for example, in a bedroom or a corridor, a collar, a lead and a muzzle in a corridor at an entrance. And not in which case, do not change location of these objects. The dog has to keep at a distance in the house as where it is necessary to do in it. Do not allow the favourite is in a bedroom even if you so do. Even if you decide to treat a dog with the food, make it in kitchen from hands, or put food in a feeding trough. It is also very important that to the pet food from your table got only after all family members ate! Thus, the dog will keep at a distance and to perceive owners main in pack as and it is necessary to them. As for a berth then it is worth mentioning that if you do not want that your pet slept on your bed, allow never and under no circumstances it to do it! Even if the animal is frightened, for example, of a thunder-storm or any unusual noise, it has to sleep only on the place and not on a master`s bed in any way.

But we will return to how the new family member appears in your apartment. Even before its emergence (especially if it is a puppy) do not forget to bring order to the house: to hide wires, to clean valuable things above, besides, it is worth cleaning oriental carpets and carpets, on a case unforeseen situations since in a new situation even the animal accustomed to walks can make the affairs not where you would like it.

If in the house there are already other pets, it is better to seat initially them on different rooms. In - the first, the new dog can be a disease carrier, thus, it is necessary to sustain quarantine. And in - the second, all animals in the house have to get used to each other smell gradually. And keep in mind that favourites which already lived in the house have to have advantage in the territory, that is the new family member has to sit in some one room, and all other animals quietly to move in all other rooms in which they and should be. A week later you can begin closer acquaintance of your shaggy friends. Close them in one room, but at the same time and remain in it. Do not leave animals unguarded! At first joint pastime has to be limited for 5 - 15 minutes, no more, and further it is possible to increase this time. Only when you will be precisely sure that pets got on, can leave them alone.

If in the house there are children, then surely teach them to treat a dog correctly. Explain how it is correct to hold an animal, to iron. What is possible and that it is impossible.

Also at education of the new friend it is very important at the beginning that all family members behaved equally in all situations. What one family member punishes for, another should not pooshcheryat!

As for purchase of an animal, it is better to choose a dog in the presence of the veterinarian. He will help to choose the healthy pet that the first, already not easy time of your cohabitation was not complicated by diseases, and owing to, the long hours spent in veterinary clinics.

Good luck to you and your fluffy friends!