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How to create a musical masterpiece in FruityLoops? Imposing of samples

In the second part of article about the musical FruityLoops program we considered work with tools. Now we will pass to the final stage of creation of composition - to imposing of a voice and preservation of a ready masterpiece in the MP3 format.

If we glance in the lowermost " tab; Channel presets we will find the loader of samples, " there; Sampler . There is an opportunity to load own samples in the wave format. For this purpose it is necessary to record the voice if we want to impose it on composition, or to convert ready composition to which we would like to add effects into wave. At most developed imagination the result turns out tremendous. Unless nobody wanted to mock at some idiotic song sometime?

Samples are loaded so. In the browser we open Channel presets - Sampler - Default . From this tab we create the new channel of tools in Step sequencer and there we right-click in it and in the opened list of options we press To Load a sample ( Load sample ) . We look for the file and we load it. If we move our wave - the file to the program FruityLoops/Samples/Collected folder/, then after loading to the canal it will be displayed in the browser in the " tab; Collected as the channel of tools. We call the samples Latin letters because the program does not perceive Cyrillics, and names will look mysterious abracadabra. When we save up about ten own samples, we will be exhausted to understand these unclear symbols.

I, for example, use the samples here for what - the daughter plays a violin, we write down its game, and then I process all this, I impose drums, various effects - and the classics in modern processing turns out. Not really professionally, of course, what to take from the ignoramus, but it is pleasant to much.

We will continue to consider the browser. Drumkits duplicates a tab in the " menu; " file; about which we already spoke. I will add only that here the huge number of drum sets for all known genres is collected, from fatal drums to electronic music (in principle, any composition which is written down in this program is considered electronic music, but here it is told about the name of styles).

Follows it Drumsynth . Having opened it we will see three more tabs. Fuzz - here fuzz samples - percussions, " are collected; Instrument - tools, Various - variations of tools. I will not describe more tool samples. I do not know why it is so made, maybe, samples from different producers, but tools (it is frequent even very similar) are scattered on different tabs of the browser and in some are not divided into subgroups. I also did not try to consider how many here tools, offhand - it is not less than one thousand.

We will consider tabs which help to work with music, facilitating our work (or confusing us more and more because there are a lot of frills). In the " tab; Scores we will find a heap of various chords, drobitel of notes, a lead - melodies some of which it is convenient to use for background keyboard, others for basses which - that is ideally suited for percussions. It is also simple to use them - we choose the channel of the tool in Step sequencer then in the browser we select the necessary tab and the right button of a mouse we press To Load into the chosen " channel; ( Send to selected channel ) . In Step sequencer at once there is a musical notation in the " mode; Piano roll . On one these only losses it is possible to make composition. " tab; Quantization allows to apply rhythms to percussions, basses and sound effects. Notes register also in Piano roll to tint music by means of these tabs very conveniently.

And again about samples. " tab; Speech contains many voice samples. These are various shrieks, okh, akh, words in English and the whole phrases. When using these samples the window in which it is necessary to adjust a voice appears. The voice can be man`s, female, children`s, voice of the robot or the goblin. It is possible to make a hoarse voice or whisper. To change style (to sing the phrase or to pronounce) and a tonality. In this window it is also possible to create the sample if to remove in it an inscription of the phrase and to write the (Latin letters, the program does not digest Cyrillics). It is worth creating a sample - and it right there appears in the " tab; Speech . These samples work at the speech synthesizer which is built in the program. With accents I do not know how to be, try to strengthen addition of letters. Native samples are said much more correctly, than created, it is necessary to experiment.

Now we will talk about how to work with composition. So, we wrote down several tracks of various tools in Piano roll and they at us are displayed in one pat`e . How to add percussions? Or we write down party of percussions in " too; Piano roll or we glance over everyone pat also we add drums manually, or we can use the " tab; Quantization . This tab brings notes in one - two or four pat`a on the following it is necessary to make the same again. If though some pat will remain empty, we will not be able to lose the song in the " mode; song . But if to make so - to place percussions only in the first pat`e it is possible to start composition in the " mode; pat . Only what is visible in the first part of a song, and all this your musical notations in " will be lost then; Piano roll and monotonous party of percussions. This way is good when from percussions of much it is not required.

The composition is ready. We decided to write down it in the MP3 format. We find the file in the menu Export then mp3 file . The " window opens; To Keep as (this operation can be done also in the " tab; To Keep as ) . We call our composition and we watch where it will remain. By default all projects and final files are saved in the program " folder; Loops . We press To Keep and in the opened window we press on a green tick with the inscription Go . Within several minutes we receive audio - the file of our composition.

Here, actually, and all about the " program; FruityLoops . I will be glad if this information is useful to somebody.