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How to create a musical masterpiece in FruityLoops? Notes and tools

In the first part of article we studied the File menu, elements of work with the channel of tools and mastered drums. Let`s continue studying of the FruityLoops program.

It is the most convenient to place notes in the " mode; Piano roll . We right-click on the necessary tool in Step sequencer in the appeared list of options we choose Piano roll - also the window in which it is possible to write down notes opens. Here it is possible to impose notes at each other, to stretch them indefinitely and to cut off to a minimum. Everything depends only on your ability and your imagination.

It is difficult to explain for what such difficulties for what in the program exist the whole three ways of record of notes, but I will try. When we simply place notes on a track, all of them turn out one tonality and it is convenient for percussions. Though sometimes and drums it is possible to place in a musical notation, and it is already convenient to do it in the second way. And here in the " mode; Piano roll it is better to write down long melodies.

One small nuance which can pour out in a big problem if not to place emphasis on it. As you noticed, in Step sequencer it is possible to put only 16 notes, but for a song of it a little. Pay attention to two small panels over a window of channels: Tempo and Pattern . That that is on the right, Pattern with the buttons similar to the calculator keyboard, there is no other than breakdown of a song on part. The part of composition seen for us where we placed notes - only the first part of a song. On the " display; Pattern it is possible to switch a window of channels to the following part of composition and to continue to write down notes. Here - that you also have to understand that in Piano roll it is more convenient to write down long losses. What length a melody you would not write down in Piano roll it will completely be displayed in a window of one pat`a .

" panel; Tempo located to the left of Pattern it is intended for management of composition, it sets the speed and the general loudness of its reproduction (unlike the loudness regulated separately for different tools). Also, using this panel, it is possible to listen to the song entirely ( Song ) and only visible part ( Pat ) . There are " buttons; Pley - a pause Stop and To Lose up to the end . If " key; To Lose up to the end it is disconnected, the composition will infinitely play. Coming to an end, it is started over again.

Dealt with drums a little, now we will be engaged in other tools. Them here so many that, perhaps, we and for all the life will not try them. It is a lot of. At the left, on the very brink, we see the browser which we will constantly address. There is everything - both tools, and effects. Let`s left-click on Channel presets . Several groups of samples will open. But it is not samples in understanding of electronic di - Jay where pressed the button - and music played. Here everything is much more qualitative and more difficult. Samples set only character of tools. Though there is also several such that set also a rhythm, but they need to use carefully. Because the rhythm of these samples can not approach the composition conceived by you. (Some of similar samples can be used as a ready basis for songs - to especially lazy musicians). Let`s open the first group of samples, 3xOsc . Here it is full of classical tools, (accordions, bodies, a piano, violins) and there are even more tools with application of various effects (keyboard with different echoes and many other things). Also here we will find a huge number of sound effects (lasers - shmazer).

How to work with the browser? We choose the necessary tool, we click in it with the right button of a mouse and we see two inscriptions - To Load into the chosen " channel; ( Send to selected channel ) and To Open in new channel ( Open in new channel ) . As the drum party is already written also free channels in Step sequencer did not remain, we create the new channel and we write in it music. It is not enough one tool, we add several new channels and we create the masterpiece.

In the following group of samples (it is called BeepMap ) several interesting bagatelles by means of which it is possible to embellish your work will open. According to their names it is clear what is it - Duda1 Duda2 and so on. Something reminds dadudaduda if who remembers this ridiculous composition with Gorbachev in a leading role. Quiet voices unostentatiously sing the same melody, some strange tools lose several notes.

The group of samples " is very interesting; Layers ( Layer ) . Having created the new channel of some sample from this group, we with surprise notice that we created not one channel, but the whole set of the interconnected channels. Here samples so samples! Having put a note in the first channel of this set, we see that music plays not only in it, but also in all again created canals, and music harmonious and beautiful. There is even the whole orchestra under the name SuperString . (Strings - is translated from English string instruments ) .

There is a tool under the name " here; Dance - almost ready basis for a pop song with shock and keyboard. It is necessary to put only one note, and the composition will stretch for all song. In order that similar samples stretched for all song, it is necessary to put notes only by means of the first and second way, in Piano roll they will be short, cut off and will not be developed in all the power (the longer plays such sample, especially it is developed and the more variations give out, but not indefinitely, of course).

In final part of article we learn how to load the sound samples created on the basis of wave - files and we will keep the composition created by us.