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What disturbs To the House 2 to be included in the Guinness Book of Records?

- Mishka, the friend, well tell: what did you find in it? The figure is square, legs curves, a face - Katya Pushkareva has a rest And you will not call clever, and the bitch thorough Why it to you, Mish?

- But it does not look House 2 !

- Yes well!? Then marry, do not take a steam bath!

(Modern classics a web - folklore).

Building of the century which passed in our country ( House 2 that is). I with pleasure would put instead of a point at the end of the offer a smilie, but it is forbidden by laws of a publicistic genre so far. And at them it is possible to find many common features if to look narrowly. Both reflected as youth " projects;. Both forced to exorcise about themselves all country. At the time of BAM on television stations, however, did not know yet how are scripted any shows and furthermore - reality . And, at last, both became for young people schools of the relations. Everyone - after the own fashion.

Housekeeping in English and in Russian

Well and if to reject smilies aside (equally, as well as all deification around in Sobchak and To), then To the House 2 it was necessary to be made even to construction of BAM only in duration. A reference point in the history of unprecedentedly scandalous teleproject on TNT and on all Russian television, became on May 11, 2004 when the audience saw the first episode of the broadcast. It is known that the project airs with enviable stability to this day.

Probably, the few remember the teleproject - the predecessor Houses 2 . It was called simply House it was broadcast on the same TNT from July to November, 2003, Nikolay Baskov, and then and Svetlana Khorkina conducted it. Participated in House and Alexey Kulichkov famous now on the game show Taxi (again TNT). He spoke as the foreman at telebuilding. Subject line of the first Houses it was simple and distinct: 12 married couples built a mansion in the village situated near Moscow. In the final it was played among participants by spectator vote.

" newspaper; Komsomolskaya Pravda then wrote that the " format; Houses it purchased the English company ZEAL and that TNT thus desperately it tries to be beaten out in leaders at least of decimeter air . A reference to the improbable success accompanying display of similar realities - show in America, Australia, Germany and France was made. The mentioned format nevertheless was selected taking into account family values: married couples participated in projects. But, having tested it, the management of TNT considered, most likely, that the Russian audience needs other shows. And in half a year began to stuff it House 2 . Accents in the new project placed on the relations between opposite sexes: it was necessary to construct not only the house, but also love. It was originally supposed that as a result the real estate object built by joint efforts will get most ideal to couple. If it will be several worthy applicants, then the last word will remain for the audience.

Since then participants built even three houses: old new and VIP. Tens of couples developed and broke up. Some even contracted a legal marriage and bowled off. But also do not suspect TNT to declare the project final. Soon, most likely, you should not wait for it.

In 2005 all RuNet was scalded by hot news: House 2 included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most long a reality - show in the world. It became clear later that Ginness here so far at anything, and is only about the Book of records of Russia. Ksyushi Sobchak`s ways in world leaders a block were followed by the German telecast Big brother with the impressive parameters: 365 day and night of continuous direct broadcasting. Love building by amount of broadcasting time considerably lagged behind. Judging by messages in the press, the management of TNT nevertheless submitted the application for registration Houses 2 in summary rekordnik all times and people. But I did not manage to find confirmations that it was satisfied. Perhaps, the sensation is reserved before significant date - in May by a reality - show will note the fifth anniversary. You look, and radio indicators by that moment will grow up. But thanks to rumors the next joke was born: House 2 it is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the first in the history of world television of a reality - show which is conducted by the speaking horse .

About positions in decimeter air now precisely it is not necessary to worry. The objectives are achieved.

Love on a rack quietly

I will not write

about noxious influence of transfer on reason and soul of the unfortunate ordinary viewer from the category to 16 - ti is also more senior (and at times even is much more senior ) . On this subject unless only lazy did not leave. I want to ask: you " installation; Construct the love! how you treat? Here participants of the teleproject both treat, and introduce in practice. And if to you, highly moral aunts and uncles, something is unclear, then, sorry, you lagged behind life. Word to build means not only to build to create to design . Its synonyms much. It is possible to build grimaces in front of the mirror (or before television cameras). It is possible to build people around - on a rack quietly for example. And love - not an exception. And if this love of a command voice does not understand, then we will use scandals and hysterics.

So it is enough about moral shape of inhabitants Houses 2 . Everything at them is normal with perception of love. It is ordered to build, they also build. Will set the task to stick together svayat to remove to knead or to make any other manipulations with love - they will make, will not become puzzled, the fact!

For some reason absolutely other situation develops when participants Houses 2 try to realize themselves out of this teleproject. In particular, very few people manage with the received skills constructions (or constructions? ) to create something noticeable in show - business. So, Olga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov`s attempt of a message night current - the show " failed; Roman with Buzova : despite strong advertizing support, its ratings remained low, and after 15 - go release of show closed. Olga Nikolaeva ( Sun ) wrote down a musical album - to this day it is not visible and it is not heard. Alyona Vodonayeva and Stepan Menshchikov were, it seems, invited to shootings of some series. Well and where those series? Mai Abrikocuov (Roman Tertishny) threatened to show to admirers the talent of the playwright and to put a performance based on Houses 2 . Did not come true And it is a pity. According to forecasts, very intricate symbiosis of the tragicomedy and dramatic art of absurdity could turn out. Only Victoria Bonya after withdrawal from the project successfully accustomed with a role of the host of the telecast Cosmopolitan. " video version; (TNT). On the eve of New year in TV hosts made (already again) Olga Buzova. Now she keeps the company to Ksenia Sobchak and Ksenia Borodina in most The House - 2 .

Some of participants of the project once started singing - the song helps to build and live, as it is known. Moreover, it is proud went on tour through towns and villages our immense Homeland. But all tunes and remained at the level of amateur performances. In how many - nibud serious occupations by a vocal they so at anybody did not pour out.

One more cult phrase from Houses 2 : We are happy! . So shout after next excluded from the project the remained participants. Nasim Nukhov thought up strange tradition, apparently. Understanding of happiness, as well as love, all have a miscellaneous. But nevertheless let it comes to us by finding, but not by an exception!