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How to struggle with neighbors, or Art (their) survival

of Neighbours as parents and beloved, you do not choose. Unfortunately. The same as in the second, and in the third case, the blind fate directs the choice. In what shanty you will be thrown by a notorious stork? Near what individual your blood will boil suddenly? This is known to only one God. Apparently, this guy quite often stays in playful mood.

So happened also to us.

God of neighbors sent. Lived - did not grieve. And here on you. To the apartment which was empty under us newly made residents drove.

First everything, roughly speaking, to spit who drove there. Everyone even looks for advantages of the new neighbourhood: the apartment will not be empty - it seems more safely, the family drives - we hope, decent people etc., etc. Live on health. But the general indifference comes to an end at whether the second, whether the third Schur - Schur - Schur.

Oh this hated peretirka of old walls. As this sound, especially a watch in 6 - 7 in the morning moreover and on Saturday is vile. First you think: well, people should do repair. You climb more deeply under a blanket. But hated shshur - shshur catches up with you even under two layers of the newcomer, so, still downy duvet. Shshur - shshur, shshur - shshur.

The first the patience at the neighbor bursts on the right. After short skirmish of the one who already in the law and the one who else is responsible for all newcomers on light rustling stops. For a while.

N - yes, time. During neighbour`s repair you understand, this concept is how relative. It seems, what you would make in a day - they do week. Our weeks in their execution last for months, and months for years. Consider, long months. Leap in this situation is each hour. And there is an old neighbour`s brotherhood. What darlings those who dokanyvat you not switched off gas until recently seem now. It is remembered, then the old woman - the commandant the hair curlers wiped all floor at an entrance, trying to vynyukhat, from - under whose pulls doors to the treacherous plowing threatening to leave any minute its hairdress in memoirs of descendants. And smelly you forgive a dog to the neigbour from the second floor. It is difficult to forget, of course, that unique aroma spreading on a staircase during the next street promenade of couple the old woman - a dog. For a while you forget about everything. N - yes, the friendship against someone can and is not so long, but as it is strong!

Cold war begins. Each OLD RESIDENT exults in soul, floating by the beginner with highly lifted up chin and drenching it with cold of the ignore list. High... Seconds of the highest pleasure...

Or... The pleasure overflows you when not you, but someone another hangs up a note of approximately following contents on the new settler`s door: Dear residents of quarter. No. 00, at a covering is usually used by a varnish of a floor for airing not a door on a staircase, and windows and balcony doors (and here threat, worthy old women about hair curlers). You will not do it and from now on - pay for treatment of all entrance! . Directly - you hear

how the exclamation mark passes into a falsetto. . High!!!

The main thing to read it quickly - quickly and even quicker to slip, it is rather to the apartment, a saving island behind which door you are an owner, so, the MASTER OF THE SITUATION. And that nobody, God forbid, thought that you could write IT.--. None of neighbors declared this war aloud. War - that cold, without guns and shots. As the weapon serves the small dirty trick here, and a victory any obscuring of a forehead of the new settler is considered here.

And houses over a cup of tea it is possible to taste details of THEIR repair. Hm, an arch from kitchen to the room at them semicircular. Meshchanstvo. . And what they can dolbat so long? The Egyptian pyramids built quicker... Oh, and you heard: they at first leveled walls, and then remembered that they forgot to change conducting. Again all over again. Ha - ha - ha. Gy - gy - gy... and so on - and so on .

I here gloating wins against reason: to dolbat - that again on your brains will be. And - and - and, than you will not offer? If only to the enemy I will merge sugar seemed.

But... everything passes. In one not remarkable spring morning you face to face face that newcomer lived here already it is not less of yours. Could run up, even without having greeted, but he suddenly by a shy voice asks: You will not show the main pases of a tap dance? I hear how you all family train every evening (he would know that you overpaid for " three times; the favorable New Year`s offer to master almost already lost art ? If only to beloved to the neighbor it was well fallen down). The neighbor from the fifth floor speaks, at you not bad it turns out . Well, here your pride of own progress dulls vigilance. And you for it as will show the next evening, nothing threatens any more. These are the last hours of cold war.

After work (study, appointment, shaping, well, or, at last, tap dance courses) you go down the floor below, ring that door on which the ill-fated note once hung. You enter. You look back. You are tried on to a situation. It appears, the semicircular arch is even nothing to itself so. Narrow-mindedness, of course, but not so that absolutely meshchanstvo. Conveniently even. The place for the refrigerator in kitchen appeared. You have that it still serves as decoration of a drawing room. And the person it seems the neighbor of nothing, helped the neigbour from the second a doggie to bury. Good there was a dog, kind, though smelly. Yes, and to talk now to the neighbor is about what.

The other day on the first floor newcomers drove.

Speak... repair will be done...