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You want to live saturated and interestingly? Sleep!

We do not appreciate healthy, sound sleep until we face such widespread sleep disorder as sleeplessness. And most often ourselves promote its emergence.

Usually it is observed at people of brainwork. A familiar picture when you work late hours one evening, another, on the third - the fourth and further you encourage yourself strong coffee, tea. You look - it was lucky, some time you can not be distracted by the feelings of fatigue and drowsiness.

However these impressions are deceptive: today you cheered up, but for tomorrow the dose needs to be increased, and the day after tomorrow you already feel terrible fatigue which is not removed even in the doubled portion of coffee. You even more often feel day overloads. The attention becomes dull, constantly there is a wish to sleep. And any more there is no that cheerfulness which helped you to overcome any difficulties, there is only a desire to sit down, lie down, have a rest, not to think of anything.

But not in vain with the nature of people it is arranged so that he carries out a third of the life in a dream. That this state necessary for the person which allows it to be in a tone, to support the vital forces. Not without reason still Shakespeare spoke: The Dream is a miracle of Mother Nature, the most tasty of dishes in a terrestrial feast .

By supervision it is proved that it is never necessary to try to overcome fatigue. Wisest to give to an organism rest, not to abuse night hours of wakefulness, and to derive benefit from a day time of work.

One more familiar picture: at work it is not always possible to have a bite, and even you forget about it, and somewhere even you are glad at heart for an excess opportunity to refrain from food that as it seems to you, to keep shape.

But here you come home, and already closer by the night you have an appetite which only the dense dinner can satisfy. And then, even if you will go to bed in time, weight in a stomach will not allow to fall asleep quietly or will torment with nightmares. Therefore is the most optimum to taste food a bit earlier and not to gorge on just before a dream, having replaced a supper of hour for two - three to a dream with a glass of kefir, fruit.

Very much calms before going to bed clean cool air. It is possible to make small walk for an hour to a dream, it is possible to come to a balcony, to stand, think of the lived day that worked well that should be made. It is possible even to be cold just a little near an open window after that to go to pure, warm bed and, being warmed, to relax and imperceptibly to sink into a sleep.

For a dream it is important to remember the place too. The best option if your bed is established so that the head you slept on the East. Scientists explain it with the fact that electromagnetic waves of crust and the person have to coincide then the dream will be healthy and strong. And in general in this case nothing will threaten health.

the Surface on which you sleep has to be moderately rigid and equal not to cause violation of blood supply in various parts of your body. Especially it is useful for those who have radiculitis. And the pillow has to be the most flat.

It is useful to accustom to go to bed for an organism of if not in 22 then till 23 o`clock that in 7 hours to wake up well rested and fresh.

However, on supervision of physicians, norm of a dream for each person can be different. Researches of the English bioritmolog of A. Webb showed that dream duration at children and adults unequal and that different adults are content with different time for a dream. Everyone feels this personal norm of a dream for himself. Not without reason people share on owls and larks . It is enough to one to go a bit earlier and to wake up also to bed early, another falls asleep later and later gets up. One gets enough sleep during five, and another - within seven hours. Such rhythm becomes privychny for many people.

But worst of all when any rhythm in general is absent throughout a long time that, as a rule, leads to heavy sleep disorders, and it means an overstrain of nervous system and various deviations in health.

To get rid of drowsiness, many address stimulants - to strong tea or coffee. But thereby the sleep is even more interrupted that, of course, does not promote strengthening of an organism.

It is noticed also that the night sleep can be interrupted also after a long day dream. Especially, according to physicians and just grown wise life experience of people, the dream before a decline is harmful and during a sunset. Then sleepless night is provided to you.

Besides, as showed researches of group of psychologists of the Californian university under the leadership of doctor Daniel Kripke, and the excess dream is harmful too and is even dangerous. It is proved by statistics that people which like to have a sleep more and do it often, those which prefer to sleep about 7 - 8 hours a day die earlier, than. In Dahl`s dictionary I read a proverb: Who sleeps most, that lives " most less;. Too is what to think of.

Not without reason in the people speak: fully to work, it is necessary to have a rest fully. And a healthy sleep is a condition of saturated, fantastically interesting, fascinating life.