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What can lead vigils to?

As often it is necessary to work long after midnight and, apparently, the reasons for this purpose convincing: it was busy with other work in the afternoon, incorrectly planned affairs and distracted on minor, and remembered the main thing in the evening, did not lie to this work of a shower, stirred noise, did not release household chores, distracted the TV, the computer. Yes you never know at everyone occasions.

As a result on a dream of time remains very little and whether often we think of what it to our organism - to live in such mode? And what dream for it is more optimum?

Here and medicine interests long ago, rest and a dream is how important for health and that will occur if the person a long time is deprived of this habitual state.

At one of research institutes of the USA established that at long not sleeping people mental capacities weaken, the fatigue grows. There is an aspiration to protect itself from world around, it is difficult for person to move. It begins to confuse the thoughts to the actual events which are taking place around it. There is a feeling as if something squeezes the head. All objects are visible through some haze, eye eyelids are inflamed.

After 30 - 60 hours of wakefulness the perception of distance is broken: small objects are represented shifted from the places, and the form large is distorted. Lamps are surrounded with a foggy aura. A floor seems wavy. Bright hallucinations, short dreams in reality. Completely broken time sense - here result of 90 hours spent without dream. 200 sleepless hours cause the state similar to psychosis.

It is still difficult to define how very long wakefulness will affect further a human body. Perhaps, it will become what reason - nibud to an illness or maybe will be reflected in life expectancy. But already now works of some scientists showed that the long sleep deprivation breaks that metabolism as a result of which energy, vital to an organism is developed. Such violation is indicated by the lowered body temperature at long wakefulness. At the same time tests the greatest fatigue of people when temperature at it becomes the lowest.

Prolonged wakefulness can become the delirium reason. Therefore it is especially important to find out how the person in operating time will behave, demanding refusal of a dream. Preliminary results of researches say that in such conditions the group tasks connected with strong emotional excitement are more suitable.

Many, but very few people heard about a narcolepsy are familiar with sleeplessness. Until recently this strange disease was considered as extremely rare. Actually its symptoms are shown at many people, but not all understand what with them is created.

A narcolepsy - an illness at which the person easily can fall asleep at the most unsuccessful moment, for example, driving the car. One of the most dangerous symptoms the reaction to excitement - shaking, bringing to a faint: the strong anger or laughter are replaced by suddenly full relaxation, the person falls on a floor, sometimes even falls asleep for a short moment. Other bright symptom - something like sleepy paralysis.

Narkoleptiki, having woken up, cannot often move within several minutes.

It is difficult to establish how many people in the world suffer from a narcolepsy how many accidents and on transport happened in the industry from - for sudden dream attacks. Some researchers consider what during a painful attack of people plunges into the second phase of a dream. He can keep up the conversation, distinguish sounds and very clearly shows what does not sleep, but the brain signals which are written down by the electroencephalograph at a narkoleptik just the same, as at the sleeping person.

And, probably, not on the last place among the reasons of emergence of the described deviations - gross violation of the mode of a dream.

Apparently, it is necessary to know about all this before giving preference to vigils.