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How to grow up bulbs of gladioluses from children of

Klubnepochka (child) consists of parenkhimny fabric (the internal environment of metaphytes, consisting of approximately identical unpolarized cages), a reserve of nutrients and vascular system on which water and nutrients arrive. From above it is covered with the dense cover protecting from influence of adverse environmental conditions, loss of moisture during storage, penetration of diseases and wreckers. Thus children provide practically always absolutely healthy landing material.

The size of children depends on a grade, the size of a maternal bulb, and also on external conditions: temperatures, humidity, nutritiousness of the soil, depth of landing, vegetation period duration. To increase quantity klubnepochek and to receive larger landing material better to remove a flower ear right after its emergence, without damage of leaves. It is necessary that the plant transferred forces from blossoming on formation of posterity.

Children with a diameter more than 4 mm are of the greatest value, the others usually eliminate, for this purpose even thought up speutsialny a sieve with a big diameter of openings not to peerebirat manually. But, considering that we have not industrial landings, it is possible to select about 20 - 50. After a vykopka, children are in a condition of physiological rest which proceeds depending on a grade 2 - 4 months, sometimes longer. Growth begins after the baby becomes impregnated with moisture, and in it processes of division and stretching of cages will begin. To accelerate process of germination it is possible to apply the following method which well proved in our tsvetovodchesky practice.

Healthy children have to be pure, not dried up and without external damages. Some days before landing they or are cleared of a protective cover (that is not strongly good since. it is easy to damage gentle internal fabrics), or a strong skin proshchelkivatsya big and a forefinger, without clarification. The main thing that on it there was a crack through which moisture will get. To prepare snow, rain or otstoyanny tap water, its temperature has to be room or is more warmish. To wet in this water for days. During the day to change water 2 - 3 times, replacing it with fresh. Then to ship landing material in 10% infusion of the crushed garlic for 10 - 15 hours. This very effective bactericidal remedy works as a growth factor.

Landing begins when the soil at a depth of 10 cm gets warm to +7 - 9 degrees. On beds to make grooves about 5 cm in depth and to fill up them with sand. Children on one (!) to put, burying in sand. If it is not clear where top where a bottom, then it is possible to put sidewise. Then to fill up landings with sand, from above peat and to zamulchirovat everything sawdust. These materials promote preservation of moisture and eliminate need of loosening since on a surface of the soil the firm crust is not formed. Besides, in peat there are no seeds of weeds that, believe me, it is very important. If in your economy there was no peat and sawdust, cover landings easy, well rerotting with earth, and prepare for numerous weeding.

Ridges of times in 2 - 3 days pour down the water which is warmed up on the sun. All these actions provide to nearly 100% viability and the healthy, zoned landing material.

I wish good luck!