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How to look European woman in Europe?

If you do not fly business - a class and as mere mortals you are content with the house-keeper or at all reach by train, the bus etc. to still attractive zakordonye it is worth knowing what in those unknown distances do not transfer to a scent in appearance of natives from YUSSAR . At all democratic character of Europe it nevertheless is inclined to snobbery. And it is much more pleasant when abroad you if not for the then take for the tourist, than when all airport stares at you.

In Croatia I observed such scene. At a rack stood considerably well rested, but nevertheless to pain in a mezhreberye OURS woman. The bright jacket hardly covers a navel on much outstanding tummy, colorful trousers obviously long to match were selected. I even see as the shop assistant approvingly swung the head well it is direct as on you sewed taking aside eyes from expressly outstanding advantages . The bag of the traveler is covered with pastes, standing shoes with 12 - centimetric heels - torturers. Over a rack the direction in which came back " shone; shining representative ruso tourist - Moscow .

Natives could not look away from this show. The Hungarian standing near me asked: And WHY so to put on? It divided bewilderment of people around. And it was offensive for me for it. It is sincerely a pity for our women who at last had an opportunity to go abroad, but scooping information about volume as it there according to photo reports from Cannes in glossy magazines. And style of only one week in a year of the French Riviera for them becomes a holiday for every day.

Therefore, going THERE, first of all it is necessary to forget about what at us is hit of the season . Lurex, pastes, deep decolletes and abundance a ruche in the West meet in the evening. In the afternoon there the modesty and once again modesty dominate. Katya Andreyeva`s clones wander about Europe.

The only luxury which can be afforded is a combination of invoices and flowers. But too very modest. Seldom what inhabitant of the former Soviet Union will be able to adopt on the fly ability of residents of London to combine a thin cashmere coat with a silk skirt and, oh, horror! with uncovered legs. And to look at the same time decently and it is even refined.

On the first time it is better to be limited to an elementary set of the tourist. Here it for the female tourist, that is the tourist in the oseena - the ziyena - a spring season.

Jackets, coats are not discussed. Here already what is. But the more simply, the closer to to the foreign people .

Jeans are almost obligatory. The great invention of Mr. Levi in the 21st century is considered the classics. And the more modestly - jeans will be shabby, the more pertinently they will look.

Pair of sweaters or knitted jackets. It is better to pick up different in thickness. Weather forecasters sometimes, to put it mildly, are mistaken. So was with me when dear me the website predicted heat in Chicago, cold in Washington and a cool in Houston. Left exactly the opposite. In Houston we moved as if on a sweating room, in Chicago hid from gusty wind in jackets, and in Washington walked in undershirts with short sleeves. Therefore one more council. Going to a way, be guided not by the darling meteocenter, and by weather forecasters of that country to which you go. In the USA in general are mad about weather therefore the website of any TV channel in all details will tell about the outlined storms and hurricanes.

Do not forget about t-shirts. The couple - another will never prevent. In cold under a sweater you will pull, at warm weather be exposed. Here only " inscriptions; Gucci - Pucci written by the hand of the trainee of the Chinese textile corporation shivering with nervousness, it is better to avoid. Even To the World - the world will look more actually. If read, then though will be kidding. Attempts to look more abruptly, than is, will look as the same pastes at 12 in the afternoon on Piccadilly. Out of place and not at the right time.

For official meetings it is better to take a black suit, of course, (it around the world practically a " uniform; white collars became). Trousers can descend, but the skirt is more preferable.

It is better to leave diamonds together with abundance of cosmetics at home. Easy tone, ink, lip gloss, maximum light blush. And for foreigners you - the. The well-groomed person and without nacre shines.

Footwear. Sneakers, as well as jeans, are almost obligatory too. But, if there are shoes on an average or low heel with a nose both not round and not sharp, something like moccasins you will kill two hares . And on the museums it is convenient to run, and it is not a shame to go on an official meeting.

Trained eye the in any crowd catches. And that it will be more pleasant to you when the look of the compatriot does not stumble about your bag, shoes or brylyant. Then anything and nobody will prevent you to enjoy wholly these in the days of life as at people .