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What type of a false ceiling can be used in a bathroom?

Bathroom, as we know, very necessary and very specific room. Its feature such is that here often the increased humidity and temperature. And it promotes emergence of bacteria, fungi and corrosion. Choosing material for finishing of a ceiling in a bathroom it is necessary to consider also that the surface of a ceiling can contact to water. Therefore when finishing a ceiling the preference should be given to moisture resistant materials. Besides such standard requirements as fire resistance, ecological purity, sound-absorbing abilities also are imposed to ceiling coverings and it is very important - simplicity in leaving.

As option of a ceiling covering in a bathroom it is possible to consider a suspended design. It is functional - covers ventilating a box, an electrical wiring, and besides also it is beautiful.

From all variety of types of false ceilings, suitable for a bathroom are considered only three of them: metal, rack, and also from moisture resistant gypsum cardboard. Let`s consider everyone.

Suspended tiled designs from metal are very strong, they are not afraid of leakages. But there is one essential minus - height of the design is not less than 12 cm. Therefore, it is desirable to apply them only in houses with high ceilings.

One more type of ceiling coverings - plates from mineral fiber. However also clay, secondary paper and organic additives are a part of such plates. Depending on a proportion of components, scope of such plates is also defined. As a part of what there is more clay will be suitable for a bathroom.

I, at last, rack systems. Such designs best of all are suitable for bathrooms. In - the first, the laths made of aluminum do not rust, do not get wet, are not deformed and rigidly fixed. In - the second, height of such design no more than 2 - 3 cm that is very convenient in apartments with low ceilings. And, in - the third, it is very easy to look after such ceilings by means of usual cleaners (except abrasive). Besides depending on the sizes of the room there is an opportunity to pick up laths of the necessary length and width that will allow not to overpay for the remaining scraps. And using various color scale by means of rack designs it is possible to embody the unique design decision.

in conclusion remains to add that false ceilings it not only is fashionable, but also is very convenient and practical. Try.