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You like to work? Or to watch how others work?.

As were written by Jerome K. Jerome in the book Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) I very much love work. I can for hours, without coming off, to watch how others work .

I can safely carry this statement to myself. It gives pleasure to me to observe how someone does something: whether the excavator digs a hole, or a jackhammer hollow sidewalks, or glue posters. The list can be continued indefinitely.

What pulls me so to consider process - I do not know. Possibly, desire to learn some features of work hidden from a glance. Once I about half an hour observed how from a two-storeyed trailer unload cars. Also was not tired to admire the technical solutions applied in a trailer! However, when the person digs a hole, in his actions will not dig out much, but it is all the same interesting!

By the way, about digging. Whether you why the navvy spits on hands know? I bet (perhaps, I bet) that is not present! Following question: and you dug something to bloody callosities on hands? It is possible that yes. And you for certain suffered from these callosities, especially if you have to have continued work! And so, if you spat on hands - you would have no callosities! Only to spit, it appears, - too more than once to spit, and it it is necessary to be able!

For those to whom it is interesting: before digging, to a poplyuyta on hands and pound saliva (rub palms), a pomakhayta palms in air that saliva dried. Now it is possible to begin to dig. As soon as you feel what begins to burn down palms a little bit - repeat a spittle. Already every time. A guarantee that you will do without callosities.

It was, so to speak, introduction, it is lyrical digression. And an essence here in what. When I began to photograph for articles in Shkoluzhizni. ru, I did not miss an opportunity to remove photographers and cameramen (and cameramen too). What for? Partly out of curiosity (what equipment they use), partly for archive (each picture - history and who knows whom he will be in several years of people whom I photographed today).

Extraordinary saturated pictures were made during the pre-election company (from February 1 to February 10, 2009). Both press photographers, and operators of cinema and television worked and closely, and is intense. As a result there was such peculiar collection of pictures. Generally it is unknown for me of the person, but there is a hope that I sometime learn their names.

Though each hope has, probably, some not passed boundary. This picture is made during the last election meeting of the candidate for the prime minister - Tzipi Livni`s ministers in " exhibition complex; Ganey of a taarukh in Tel - to Avivah. Tension of the photographer was so big that from it trousers fell down (the truth, not absolutely), and he had no time to raise them. The general opinion of all who saw this picture is reduced to the fact that even if this picture will bypass all Internet, the hero will never find himself. He does not confess for anything: It is my bum! .

P. S. The wife corrected me: It is impossible to be sure for 100%. The world changed, views of a body too. Now expose themselves on the Internet in any kind - both so, and so .

We will wait well, for a response!