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What is ambient of media or How to put advertizing into place?

Here Mr. H is based. It was shot from the " revolver; Colt . " revolvers; Colt - the best means for achievement of the similar purpose! (An inscription on a tombstone of the end of 19 century on one of a nu - York cemeteries.)

you are ready to yawn for the sake of quadruple viewing of the favourite commercial the whole hour during the most boring series? Or to create a traffic jam for the sake of inexpressible esthetic pleasure which can be received only at contemplation of a billboard from the leading producer of bathroom equipment? It is not necessary to twist in my address a finger at a temple, I still in senses and at light memory. But, probably, advertizing services of the solid companies when advances of the next goods develop strategies stake on your such reactions.

Fitting into environment

Advertising on TV, advertizing in periodicals and outdoor advertizing, that is street, still are considered as the most effective ways of promotion. Huge advertizing budgets are spent for them. Well, is more visible to professionals. And meanwhile so-called target audience that is we, gradually gets used to all these aggressive rollers and banners which captivated streets. Gets used to such an extent that ceases to notice them.

Reaches sometimes ridiculous. Being a subscriber of " mobile network operator; Beeline I recently long looked for information on one tariff plan interesting me on its website. What my surprise when found in only two hundred meters from the house a huge board with advertizing of this tariff plan was. It flaunted month three there! And I passed by a board in day several times, without finding time to stop, raise above the head and to read that there all - is written.

Probably, not I one caught herself on similar funny things. Otherwise in advertizing such direction as ambient of media would not appear (from English ambient - surrounding). If literally, then it is advertizing on environment objects - any, it is not enough - malsk suitable under its placement. One of its basic principles - to trap the potential consumer in the most unexpected places. In as sounds! Directly the quote from the criminal chronicle! And places need to be chosen such where advertizing cannot already be ignored. In Russia ambient of media is also called nonconventional or non-standard advertizing.

Actually everything looks as follows. You receive receipts on payment of utilities, and on the back - advertizing. You take boxes of matches, and on it - advertizing. You go to park to walk, and there too advertizing - on benches and on ballot boxes. You come, sorry, into a public toilet - and there advertizing: on a door of a cabin and on toilet paper. Sitting in cafe and expecting the waiter, it is possible to pass away time viewing of advertizing on napkins. Well, you will surprise nobody with advertizing in transport any more - nevertheless, it is a version ambient of media. You go to the beach - cabins for disguise are entirely covered with advertizing inscriptions. You go to a sauna - you will meet advertizing on bathing shelves. You take a talonchik to the doctor - and there advertizing. You buy bread in shop - it to you it is by all means wrapped in a bag of the advertizing picture.

From eggs and to belts

Still happens advertizing on eggs. It is put by means of special stamps. Somewhere read that a certain advertizing agency suggested to promote this dietary product the " company; MTS : you have, say, the corresponding symbolics, just to the necessary course will get! MTS refused - were afraid that the advertizing carrier will cause undesirable associations in the people. Do not cost the eaten-away egg for example, or still stronger.

Frankly speaking, I do not know too what goods or services would be pertinent to be advertized on eggs. Ambient of media only - only accustom the Russian advertizing services, the culture of their use did not develop finally yet. But in the long term they have a quite good chance to put advertizing into place what unexpected it at first sight would not seem. The posters devoted to novelties of intimate hygiene let are settled to themselves in toilets. Advertizing of preparations from the milkwoman would be good to be sent to stripes from female laying - it the most direct road there. Other medicines and goods for health not a sin to advertize on talonchik to the doctor: sick and sick a lot of time should be spent in waiting list for reception which would be absolutely quite good to be passed away something. Why and not viewing of advertizing?

Advertizing of banking services successfully fits into a format of receipts of utility payments. Eventually, banks also accept these payments. At stations quite to the place there would be an advertizing of hotels and taksofirm. On the back an avia - and train tickets - everything that is connected with travel and tourism. In supermarkets, restaurants, concert halls sometimes it is possible to see advertizing on mirrors. Producers of clothes, cosmetics and other guardians about our appearance - to you here!

Rather originally declared once the production - a watch the Swiss firm IWC. Under hours belt hand-rail in public transport were stylized. Passengers passed hands throughout loops and right there could estimate as the new model on a leather bracelet looks at them on a wrist.

And in France ambient of media somehow time was used as social advertizing to draw attention to a problem of the homeless dying directly on streets. Along sidewalks established crosses with the corresponding inscriptions. It caused rough reaction of the public, and the desirable effect thus was reached.

In Russia so far, according to marketing specialists, ambient of media only very large companies use means and they are investing in them no more than 5 - 10% of the advertizing budgets. They are considered as rather expensive article. Though in most cases nonconventional advertizing is pleasant to a commonalty much more traditional. Is what to look at, at least.