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On February 23 - forgetful date?

the Legend of an origin of this red day of a calendar originate in the first years of formation of the young Soviet state. Here what, in particular, it is possible to read in Short course of History VKPB for the first time published in September, 1938: In response to the call thrown by party and the Soviet government The Socialist fatherland is in danger the working class answered with the strengthened formation of parts of Red army. Young groups of Red army - army of the revolutionary people - heroically reflected an impact of the German predator armed cap-a-pie. Near Pskov and Narva the German invaders were given resolute repulse. Their advance to Petrograd was suspended. Day of REPULSE to troops of the German imperialism - - became on February 23 birthday of young Red army . As always at Bolsheviks - FULL LIES - from the first word to the last is harmonious, as always.

In the annals of military history the description of valorous protection of Pskov remained, but only during war LIVONSKOY, and not in the last year of World War I at all. For nearly five months, from August, 1581 to January, 1582, the besieged Pskov garrison headed by the voivode Ivan Shuysky successfully reflected numerous attempts of the Polish king Stefan Batory to seize the city. In the winter of 1918 everything was with an accuracy on the contrary.

18 - On February 20, 1918, despite the continuing peace talks in Brest, the German command began approach against the Soviet republic on all front - from the Carpathians to Baltic. The German politicians wanted to intimidate pig-headed Bolsheviks and to accelerate signing of a separate peace. At the same time they did not want to overthrow at all Ilyich who did not return the German money spent for revolution yet.

Against the German troops which were inertly coming near Narva consisting generally of reservists the summary sailor`s group in one thousand bayonets under command of the people`s commissar Pavel Dybenko which perfectly proved at dispersal and execution of peaceful demonstration of residents of Petrograd in the opening day of the Constituent assembly was directed. In fight near Yamburg Dybenko`s group was crushed and in panic ran from positions, having forgotten about fortress to Narva that covered the capital from the West. On March 3 Dybenko and his sailors refused counterattack, joint with soldier`s parts, to Narva. They left positions and reached to rear Gatchina that was in 120 km from a front line, and then continued the heroic a thick woolen cloth even to Samara that is considerable to the east of Baltic. In completion of a shame brothers got several containers with alcohol on railway tracks and cheerfully celebrated the victory . Already on March 6 Dybenko`s group was disarmed and withdrawn.

For delivery of Narva, flight from positions, refusal to submit to command of a fighting site, for discipline disorder, encouragement of alcoholism in a fighting situation and for crimes on Dybenko`s position was discharged of command of fleet and excluded from party. Who knows, disgraceful career of the coward people`s commissar as if ended if not protection of his friend on party Aleksandra Kollontay. Contemporaries of these events did not consider " at all; heroic thick woolen cloth of group of Dybenko victory or holiday . And here in TWENTY years after these dostoslavny events, in February, 1938, the first Soviet medal " was founded in honor of anniversary; XX years of PKKA . Awarded many participants of Civil war, but Dybenko, hero those events, did not get this medal. There will pass not enough time, and gallant fighter will receive - a well-deserved reward. In the form of 9 grams in a nape.

In that ill-fated day - on February 23, 1918 the special session of the Central Committee of RSDRP(B) which considered the ultimatum delivered by the German command " took place; For immediate signing of the German conditions . The vast majority of members of the Central Committee of RSDRP(B) as it consisted of the German mercenaries under the leadership of Lenin voted for his signing. In the night of February 24 antinational VTsIK and SNK RSFSR immediately reported about it to the German government. That is, THIS day Bolshevist leaders CAPITULATED to Germans! The Soviet government was accepted BY ALL conditions of the opponent, namely - rejection of Belarus, Baltic, a consent to independence of Finland and Ukraine, payment of enormous contribution etc.

at the request of Lenin were narkomindet on March 3, 1918 by G. Chicherin signed humiliating and shameful for Russia Brest world which A. Denikin called obscene . For absolutely forgetful: Brest world legally fixed CAPITULATION of Bolsheviks, it 5 - y point confirmed ELIMINATION of so-called Red guard. Unleashing of the fratricidal Civil war which claimed the lives of millions of our compatriots was a consequence of this shameful agreement. In 1923 on February plenum of IK of RCP(b) the Commission, reporting on results of check It is working - country Red Army (RKKA), the word did not mention about holiday On February 23, but drew a conclusion that the Red Army is not EFFICIENT at all. Till 1937 on February 23 as a holiday was not considered at all as were still live valorous heroes .

If and to celebrate on February 23 then it is necessary to know that this date is Day February burzhuazno - a democratic revolution which was drowned in blood by October COUNTERREVOLUTION subsequently. Besides, this day not followers need to celebrate only right doctrine and more likely - to TRUE patriots of Russia. On February 23, 1918 badly armed volunteers of the general L. Kornilov are officers, Cossacks, the cadet, grammar-school boys gave red battle at Aksay. In this village the kernel of the Voluntary Army ready to fight to death with Bolshevist aggressors was finally created. Though the Voluntary Army also got beaten in the face of the outnumbering opponent in unequal fight, but it showed honor and dignity of true patriots - soldiers of Russia, the real defenders of the Fatherland.

As for Red Army, the decree about its education was signed on January 28, 1918, Red Fleet - on February 11. The first collection points in Red Army in Moscow were open only on March 1, in other cities they were created for March - April, 1918. In other words, on February 23, 1918. simply - naprosto ANY Red Army part was not created yet. By the way, as day of creation of RKKA first was considered on March 1 the same year. But after the Moscow model Soviet regiment of a name 1 - go March (A March regiment) was on the side of the left Social Revolutionaries during their revolt, this date was decided to be changed, and some time was considered as birthday of RKKA on January 28.

Over this date (on February 23) the damnation really hangs. This day, on February 23, 1944, by order of the famous coryphaeus of all sciences, deportation of the Chechen and Ingush people began. From places, I ask to notice where the leg of the soldier of Wehrmacht did not go! Than Vainakhs so annoyed the Leader of all people - to me it is not conducted. It is known only that during war mountaineers showed uncommon courage. The Brest fortress was protected by the regiment created in Checheno - Ingushetia. Many Chechens and Ingushs were awarded by the highest government awards. Hardly anyone will give exact number of the dead during that " now; historical resettlements of the people. Whether not here - roots of what now occurs in the Caucasus?

Looking back at the recent history, it is possible to remember, a number of the deportations caused so-called strategic need . In the mid-thirties, for example, in anticipation of expected (but not happened!) wars with Japan from the Far East took out Koreans to Central Asia. In the same way, smoothing out a possible battlefield, from Georgia in 1943 - m took out to the Fergana Valley of Meskhetian Turks. However - by then earlier allied to a Reich Turkey dropped out of the war. What relation it can have to Chechnya - not absolutely clear. I think that if thus punished all territories where in 1941 - 1942 soldiers of Wehrmacht were met by bread - I will merge (remembering revelry of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, hunger, collectivization, beating of clergy, etc.) almost all European part of the Union would become deserted. It so, - for Wan, relationship not remembering.

Of course, it would be desirable to celebrate the ORIGINAL Defender of the Fatherland Day. And in the history of the state Russian there are dates really dostoslavny. In Russia before Bolshevist revolution of 1917 traditionally the holiday on May 6 - Day of Saint Georgy, the Patron of the Russian soldiers was considered as Day of the Russian Army. This Day soldiers of the Russian army participated in parades, this day awarded with St George`s Crosses and other awards, this day handed and consecrated Banners, and upon termination of - visited temples and remembered all soldiers who died FOR RUSSIA. Since the beginning 90 - x years of last century, this holiday is already annually CELEBRATED in Russia by Russian Orthodox Church and voyenno - patriotic, Cossack and public associations. There is a wish to believe that he will be sometime marked out also by the Russian Army. For the same who adheres to the real interpretation of history, remains on February 23 in the afternoon of the NATIONAL SHAME, COWARDICE AND TREACHERY, but also, - an excess reason for binge.

P. S. - Devil take it, the lieutenant and that it with you!

Where a military duty, hatred to the enemy?!.

- Mister general, judge for yourself:

Ya is also glad to invent and here I cannot

Bulat Okudzhava