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How it is correct to equip withdrawal to a dream?

the Subject of a qualitative dream was touched in many articles on the " pages; Schools of Life but not on all questions posed it was succeeded to receive irrefragable answers. Here to be surprised there is nothing - painfully a subject - that global.

Sounds it is banal, but a third of the life of people carries out in a condition of a dream and is not able to survive without it more than three - four days. However, banalities are most true and convincing. Other fact - most of quite sane people anxious with the choice of the partner in life, education of successful children or career development is less obvious, treat own dream as if not they are going to sleep, and their best enemy. If you do not trust - ask them on quality and conditions of this process. Someone sleeps like a log also has no dreams, to someone and to sleep - that is once and some sleep only with " sleeping pill;. At the same time they are perplexed, and even are indignant that the first can suffer from disharmony of character, the second pave to themselves the road to chronic overfatigue and psychosomatic frustration, and the third on the way to the developed toxicomania at all (with an abstinence syndrome, building of dosages and other attributes and rituals).

What gives us a full-fledged dream, except rest of an organism and a possibility of deep self-knowledge through dreams? Yes at least the fact that it is the only thing from pleasures which is not involving repentance and vital crash despite regular repeatability. And it is a lot of, believe the professional...

And if we followed a number of the elementary rules arrangements own dream, doctors would register much smaller quantity of somnolent preparations (on the frequency of appointment concede only warmly - to vascular means), and our life would be more better also than various. What these rules?

Rule first. Little it is necessary to begin sharply therefore withdrawal to a dream should not be suddenly - chaotic. Falling asleep only by means of alcohol or somnolent preparations (that is through devocalization ) it is necessary to recognize at least artificial and demanding consultation of the expert. Tselesobraznymi should recognize gradual decrease of the activity for half an hour - hour to a dream, relaksiruyushchy water procedures, easy (only easy!) dinner. In the choice of books and movies at bedtime it is better to be careful - our organism since the childhood and through generations remembers the most beneficial lullabies, fairy tales and animated films, however production (thrillers and detective stories) provoking adrenaline emission tempts to reach the end stealing thereby hours from a dream and not promoting quiet falling asleep. At this time it is better not to practice physical exercises, however autogenic training or other types of mental self-control will be very useful. It can be added with the calming or meditative music on your taste (the choice is very broad).

Light and noise play not the last role in falling asleep. At the white nights, abundance of night-time lighting and various sounds, typical for, for example, St. Petersburg, dense curtains (better from dark fabric) and an additional noise isolation will help (for example, a small small pillow over the head). On a night lamp steam of drops of favourite spirits or fragrant oil can drip. Never you smoke where sleep. Not incidentally some residents of megalopolises who after a long break came out to the same dacha one of the first responses give such: There it is slept, as with " sleeping pill; (even if there is no hard physical work).

One more important rule - the bed is intended only for a dream (and sexual life). It is the conditioned reflex developed in us and deeply implanted. Therefore the people who are engaged in a bed in food, viewing of the TV, preparation for examinations or drawing up the report are doomed to problems with quality and quantity of a dream (and it is equal also the sexual relations). Respectively, if it is impossible to fall asleep a usual dream within 30 - 45 minutes - better to get up and be engaged in something unfatiguing until you feel accurate desire to return back.

Having closed eyes, it is quite good to remember all lived day as consistently as it passed since morning. After that it would be advisable to plan what waits for us tomorrow and that we will undertake if the desirable does not occur. At the known training it will become a constructive habit and will promote the best understanding of the dreams arising at the night. By the way, do not forget to put near a bed a notebook or a notebook and the handle for record of the dreams and ideas visiting you at night. Not incidentally one of the most great psychologists of the world - Siegmund Freud called dreams the royal road in unconscious . If it is difficult to decipher information - study available literature or visit the expert (the psychologist or the psychoanalyst).

It is necessary to wake up gradually too - look how do it cats (they do not know problems with sleeplessness). The slow pandiculation of all groups of muscles, slow storing of a dream and the same slow planning of the come day will create that resource which will allow to carry out effectively planned tasks and in the best way to prepare itself at bedtime.