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Spring holiday of disobedience of a stomach: what will you be having?

Changes in the nature happen from year to year... - it seems, nothing surprising, but every first beam pleases in the spring how for the first time. And you as the child, you rejoice harmonies in yourself. Both the soul sings, and eyes shine. Only the corporal aspect does not want to join this unity in any way.

It is sure that this feeling when change of a season pulls for itself taste change - literally is familiar to much. And to what you with pleasure were treated in the winter, does not cause interest any more, and even slobbers do not flow at the sight of the freshest chop or a beefsteak. Why it occurs?

The organism steadily reacts to change of weather conditions. Not for nothing during a rain many are hurt by the head and arterial pressure goes down. Not for nothing in the winter when the organism needs the strengthened protection against harmful factors and, actually, cold weather, many complains of extra kilos and the increased appetite - the organism prepares stock for protection, the nature prevails.

In the spring the organism feels awakening, he feels need for activity and the movement - to go in step with a nature life rhythm. Therefore superfluous he tries to dump and not to accept. From here - thirst for new flavoring feelings. As a rule, they considerably step aside from so-called heavy food. On myself I know that in such time it would be less desirable fat and fried. Bread, meat in any forms, everything that on vegetable oil - you refuse it in the spring. But what then to eat that and it is tasty, and it is useful both not to burden a stomach and to sate it?

At once I will tell that probably it will concern men least of all - to them meat does not bother and does not become boring - everything that is nourishing, and is tasty, and it is useful. Means, lovely ladies, here such menu...

1. Cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir

- a universal breakfast for those who do not understand process of warming up of borsch at 6 in the morning. Perfectly prepares a stomach for perception of food during the day and does not frighten by its suddenly fallen down abundance of products.

2. Mixed vegetables.

Product universal, as: easy, available and convenient in preparation. After a defrosting it is possible to protushit; to roast also a tax with sour cream (especially tasty if in mix there is a cauliflower); to bake with potatoes in an oven. In any of these cases the quite good lunch or a dinner - quickly and easily turns out.

3. Fruit.

Banana, apple, grapefruit - an excellent way to have a bite at the small caloric content. It is laudable - salatik from mix of all above-mentioned, perfectly to combine carrots with apples (all grated on a grater, is obligatory with sour cream for the best comprehensibility).

4. Cheese.

As it is not about a diet, and about rather easy food, cheese - a product irreplaceable. And it is optional to use it with bread as sandwich. It can be quite self-sufficient.

5. Muesli, krispa, flakes.

the Excellent choice for fans to crackle . Only if not to confuse to croutons, popular with school students, with the most improbable flavoring additives, glyutanaty sodium and other delights . Chips - too not the best option. If nevertheless there is a wish for some croutons, it is possible to buy rye bread or a bun and to dry them in an oven - house much more tasty!

6. Fig.

the Fine garnish grateful for additions. Boiled rice can be given with sauce and without, with vegetables and salads.

7. Potatoes.

Ways of preparation of this miracle can even be not described

- each hostess in an arsenal will have at least ten of recipes of preparation of potatoes. The boiled potatoes with sour cream baked - in any kind it reserves obvious leadership on any table. Though it is also impossible to call it a dish absolutely dietary, in small amounts it is an optimal variant.

8. Eggs.

It is considered h2 that boiled eggs - a product dietary. There is an opinion, however, that they are rather heavy for a stomach. Nevertheless, it is good and universal option as a breakfast or an afternoon snack. Here it is possible to dream up with a stuffing for a farshirovka.

The list can be continued, considering personal addictions of everyone. I tried to make the review of those products which are most acceptable when a stomach protests . There is time when he does not want some borsches and pilaf. When both himself, and him wants to allow to have a rest - I use such simple ways...