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Who thought up this alarm clock?

Are such joke: you want to begin to hate a melody - make it an alarm clock melody. An alarm clock - one of the most widespread inanimate objects capable to cause irritation and even hatred of people...

The first alarm clock was water. It was invented in 400 years B.C. by the Ancient Greek philosopher Platon. He used it to convoke the pupils on occupations. Clepsydras, the water alarm clock so was called, consisted of two, the vessels connected among themselves. In top water was poured and, slowly following, it forced out itself air from the lower vessel which directed to the flute attached to vessels. Having heard flute sounds, pupils hurried on occupations.

In Ancient China fire alarm clocks were invented. Applied risks on which it was possible " on the stick consisting of mix of pitch and sawdust; to expose necessary time. On corresponding to risk on a thread the small weight tied. Set fire to a stick and when it burned down to a thread, freight fell on a metal tray.

The first mechanical alarm clock was collected in 1787 by American Levi Hutchence. But on it it was impossible to expose call time. The mechanism called only at 4 o`clock. Only in 60 years Frenchman Antoine Radie thought up how to eliminate this defect. The advanced alarm clock of Antoine also became the primogenitor for modern mechanical alarm clocks.

Now there is an extreme variety of devices for giving of a signal in the set time. Someone still loves mechanical models, someone prefers electronic.

Often the alarm clock is integrated with hours, but there are models which are thought up especially for bright individuals. For example, Smesh - the Shred which has a soft case. This option for fans to knock on an alarm clock.

Presently many requirements to an alarm clock are imposed. It not just has to make a loud sound precisely to wake you. Reveille should not take place with a stress. That to avoid it, it is possible to choose the device with a melody, sounds of the nature or imitation of the sounds made by animals. It is possible to waken not only from a sound signal, but also from light and even from a smell. In due time the alarm clock begins to exhale any smell. It can be aroma of flowers, fruit or food, for example, coffee, and can bacon. While you without hurrying you wake up, an alarm clock - the microwave makes for you a breakfast.

The alarm clock has to fit into an interior, be combined with style of a bedroom or even to be its highlight. Designers offer the mass of options which differ on color, a form and the sizes. How to you an alarm clock in the form of a rubber ball with nice shipika, how with what dogs like to play?

There is an alarm clock in the form of a birdie who, besides, lays eggs. It will buzz until you gather all eggs in the applied nest. I think, to the end of this process you will precisely wake up.

Alarm clocks and for fans of puzzles are thought up. In the set time the device collapses on part. Want to stop a signal - collect! There is an alarm clock which runs away from you as soon as you want to press the button.

The last invention which was approved by physiologists it is the alarm clock through a wireless wristlet analyzing stages of your dream. Awakening will be almost natural, and you will look slept and fresh.

I wish you to find the alarm clock that morning began with a smile!