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Whose songs need to be sung more often to feel pleasure of life?

on February 25, 1914, 95 years ago, in Syzran, in a family of the adjuster of musical instruments Ilya Ilyich Ostrovsky the son who in honor of the ancestor of the Jewish sort was named Abraham was born. However, so it was written down in the register of births, and in life called not so pretentiously - just Arkash. And further more it is known under the name of Arkady.

Many residents of Syzran for eyes called Ilya Ilyich the wizard. In youth it gave quite good hopes to become the performer - the virtuoso, but the destiny disposed in a different way: from - for accident to it amputated a finger so it was necessary to forget about musical career. But perfect ear allowed it to become the excellent adjuster of tools. Ilya Ilyich could return to life even the tool to which in a lunch hundred years " were executed;...

Grew on national songs...

the Eldest son had hearing at all not worse, and the father who was convinced of it before others, understood that this Charisma needs to be developed. He invited the first teacher of music to Arkady when that studied at usual school. There lived Ostrovsky is rather poor, but on development of talent in the child of means you should not be sorry. It is an axiom.

It is impossible to tell that it liked these hours-long occupations. To study scales, to play exercises, to grind already rather the cloyed melody - it was awfully boring. And the music-mistress understood it not worse than the pupil. And then she thought up such game: after each hour to Arkady the fact that it will be thought up was permitted to play music. In its first melodies melodious tunes a volzhanok, their melancholy for the best share, for the groom who is forced to abandon the girl to be put to a strap of the barge hauler were easily guessed. And though in Soviet period barge haulers as a class disappeared, but these songs sang still their mothers, the grandmother and the great-grandmother.

When Arkady was 13 years old, on a family council was decided to leave Syzran and to go to Leningrad where there lived Ostrovsky` relatives. Departure was accelerated by an illness of mother. On brigs of Neva there was more qualified medical care, than on brigs of Volga...

the Smith did not become...

In Leningrad wizard Practically nobody knew Ilya Ostrovsky. Here to it the authority was necessary to earn from scratch, to look for clients who would not be afraid to entrust it the musical instruments. Besides money for mother`s drugs was required. Once the father did not sustain and told Arkady: You should get a job, I will not pull a family...

It is easy to tell: settle. And where? The case helped. Once near St. Isaac`s Cathedral Arkady it was attached to group of tourists, wanted to listen to the guide. The benefit all children in group were young people and it descended for the. And at parting one of guys asked Ostrovsky: You somewhere work? You study? Having learned what is not present, right there invited: Come to us, to " plant; Electric power . Before revolution it belonged to Germans, Siemens and Galsk, and now ours. Let`s arrange to study you in FZU, in the afternoon - work, in the evening - study!

So Arkady appeared on To the Electric power settled the smith`s pupil. First was afraid that there was no same misfortune as to the father, but then understood, everything depends on him. The master got to it sensible, worshipped the bright guy. Here only Arkady strongly when on the first evening of rest in factory club found an old piano brought it and did not keep, began to play. And right there got to the head of amateur performances who to a descent suggested to appear on stage visitors actors were late, and the people in the hall already worried. . Love to the orchestration

It its first step to musical technical school to which Ostrovsky came in 1930 was

. Especially Arkady liked classes in the orchestration when it was necessary to paint parties for various musical instruments. And the task was more difficult, the it was more interesting to the guy. Soon he studied character each musical instrument of an orchestra, also began to click similar problems as nutlets. Moreover and to fellow students helped. And very few people knew that in Ostrovsky`s family there was a tragedy - in - the first, it was not succeeded to rescue mother, and, in - the second, after death of the wife the father sharply handed over. And Arkady became almost only supporter in a family.

However, in technical school all earned additionally literally. Someone as Arkady, acted in clubs and restaurants in the evenings, others got a job in movie theaters ballroom pianists. The third accompanied in circles and clubs of amateur performances. Once, substituting the friend, Arkady went to a choreographic circle, sat down at a piano. The friend warned him that the head of a circle, the girl by the name of Matilda Efimovna, and by the name of Lurye, the big spitfire and is better not to argue with her. He considerably worried, and in this hour Matilda shouted at it five times! On the person on whom nobody ever in life raised the voice!

This strict Matilda Efimovna

On the following occupation Arkady went all out to please the strict girl. It liked its game. And the third occupation did not take place: gave the new ballet, and Matilda told the arrived Ostrovsky that class is cancelled. It was coordinated behind it, unexpectedly she invited him to visit the Maryinsky Theater...

And further there was that, as had to happen. Young people in a special way looked at each other and understood that they want to divide with each other pleasures and adversities. And Matilda was not the ill-natured person, and thin, artistic nature at all. And still she knew much what attracted to it Arkady, he - that studied " before; gradually, to something and as - nibud ...

They began to go by a tour though not always everything turned out smoothly. So it happened, for example, in Krasnodar where in cash desk when calculating there was no money. Promised to send them money to Leningrad, but after purchase of train tickets it turned out that they did not have money even on food. Their neighbor in a compartment noticed wrong several hours later. He suggested newlyweds to divide with him a meal, but also Arkady, and Matilda were people proud, and refused. They which - as held on till the evening, and then Matilda asked: Play something that having not so felt hungry...

Arkady took an accordion. Melodious sounds from Bach`s work drew attention of all car. Soon to them began to take down different food: someone boiled eggs, someone potato, chicken leg. But the gray-haired neighbor in a compartment was the most critical listener. Left it friendly. Arkady even took out things of the elderly neighbor on the platform. And later found a little money and a note under a pillow. It was below attributed: See you soon also there was a signature: Rakhlin Lazar Petrovich .

to be given not everyone by Utesovts

I only when several months later Ostrovsky the invitation to work came to Leonid Osipovich Utesov`s orchestra, in Moscow when it turned out that Lazar Petrovich the director of this collective. Here so sometimes fancifully there is a history.

Ostrovsky knew how to make up to new collective. First of all he played variations on songs from the movie Cheerful children in which all acted the jazz - Utesov`s gang. But arrangement of a song of L. Knipper " became the first, real business; Polyushko - the field on Victor Gusev`s verses. You remember, in the beginning there is a clatter of hoofs and the song sounds as if from far away. Then tools sound more and more brightly, and deification - powerful sounds of copper pipes. This course was thought up by Ostrovsky...

On June 21, 1941 Arkady Ilyich returned from a concert very tired. Went to bed a bit earlier, having asked Matilda: let`s sleep off, Sunday tomorrow, rehearsal will not be. And next day the first word which he heard, having woken up, there was a word War . Together with Utesov`s orchestra Ostrovsky saw off on the front of Red Army men, gave concerts directly on a front line, he began to write the first professional songs to this period.

was Drawn by him on a leaf. On musical

But the real glory came to it years later. In 1952 Ostrovsky together with group of composers went to Komsomolsk-on-Amur to celebration 20 - the anniversaries of the city. Together with it there went the composer Serafim Tulikov and the conductor Evgeny Svetlanov. The Moscow guests visited building sites, in Komsomolsk - youth collectives. It was the first, but not the last trip. But impressions were such bright that eight years later, Ostrovsky wrote the song Woodcutters on Mikhail Tanich`s words. You remember? Hands Got used to axes, and only heart is disobedient to doctors! .

Went 1961 - y year. Yury Gagarin opened a space age. Someone from leisure journalists remembered the quatrain given by Korney Chukovsky in the book in far 1928. Once the writer became a witness as in a garden together with mother the four-year-old peanut walks. Mother sat on a shop, the son ran, and Chukovsky sat down nearby, admiring the young woman. And suddenly the boy ran up to mother and blurted out:

Let there will always be a sun!

Let will always be the sky!

Let will always be mother, I will always be


Verses of the little poet so were pleasant to the poet professional that he wrote down them. And then long regretted that did not ask a name of the boy.

And in 1961 these words were shifted to the poster. And this poster was seen by Ostrovsky. He rewrote words and tried to set them to music. And when at it it turned out, called the old friend - to Lev Oshanin, and asked the last to write verses.

- You think about what you ask? Same not my words how I will include them in the poem?

- Well, think up something! For example, the boy drew the sun and signed drawing with this quatrain. If you put it in quotes - it is and will mean that you just cited, and not your words

Here so smartly and got out. Whether it is necessary to say that the song Let there will always be a sun became the anthem of the Soviet children!

Sleep tired toys

But not less darling children was other song written on Zoya Petrova`s verses. On September 1, 1964 the Central television pleased the least TV viewers with a new " broadcast; Good night, kids . Witty musical prompt which children called " at once; For Minutes and a lullaby the song were fallen in love to both children and adults. Transfer made unprecedented success. The song was especially remembered:

Tired toys sleep,

of the Book sleep,

of the Blanket and a pillow

Expect a baby.

Even the fairy tale goes to bed,

That to dream us at night. You wish

to it:

to Bai - Bai

But also domestic cycle Ostrovsky pleased youth. It began with the song And at us in the yard . For the first time the song came to Lev Oshanin`s words in 1962 in the " program; Good morning .

And we in the yard have a little girl one,

Among noisy girlfriends is imperceptible it,

to None of children is imperceptible it.

Ya I look it following: there is no

Anything in it,

A I all look,

I do not look away... Doctors could not help


Unfortunately, Arkady Ilyich in youth affected the health. And after 50 years of a sore only became aggravated: from time to time the ulcer opened, heart ached a bit. And though he was constantly supported by the wife and the son Mikhail (he during lifetime of the father became Candidate of Biology, and later the academician). Matilda Efimovna practically all life prepared dietary dishes for Ostrovsky. But in September, 1967 the composer went to Sochi where the first " festival opened; Red carnation . Here, in Sochi, at Arkady Ilyich gastric bleeding burst. Doctors could not rescue it. On September 18, 1967 the composer died.

And a bit later Iosif Kobzon told approximately following: Sing more often Arkady Ostrovsky`s songs if you want to feel pleasure of life .