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Why we need so enough calcium? The Importance of calcium it is difficult to overestimate

. It is enough to tell that it is construction material for our organism, an irreplaceable element not only bone, but also blood and nervous systems of the person. Without calcium our organism simply could not exist. Calcium is responsible for signaling to the nervous terminations and in general influences immunity of the person and is vital as for good work warmly - vascular system, and for regulation of work of the central nervous system.

Today doctors speak about influence of calcium on development of intelligence of the person. Its shortcoming leads to decrease in memory and can even lead to weak-mindedness and multiple sclerosis.

The most large amount of calcium is concentrated in bone system - 99% (here nails and hair also belong). Only 1% of the contents of calcium in an organism is the share of blood system, but the importance of it of 1% is simply huge. At violation of balance there is a decrease in intensity of work of heart, and as result, narrowing and fragility of vessels that leads to development of a hypertension - an illness of a century.

Symptoms of a lack of calcium of an organism

according to doctor Uollok, a lack of calcium of an organism is the reason about 147 diseases and can be shown by various symptoms, as a rule, negative, as for appearance, and all organism in general. Osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, stones in kidneys, the raised blood pressure, spasms, multiple sclerosis - here the far incomplete list of the diseases caused by deficiency of calcium. Yes, a gray hair, a hair loss, fragility of nails and paralysis of a facial nerve - all this from the same list.

Deficiency of calcium leads to thinning of bone tissues, fragility and the increased risk of their fragility. First of all, zones of risk are the backbone, a neck of a hip and a wrist.

From - for a lack of calcium become fragile not only bones, but also vessels that at once strikes all warmly - vascular system. Fragile vessels are a high blood pressure - a source of all warmly - vascular diseases.

The lack of calcium affects also a mental state, causing the increased irritability, aggression.

What to do?

the Answer is clear - to fill shortage of calcium in an organism, and the quicker, the better. The balanced diet with the high content of calcium is capable to settle a blood pressure and to lead to an absolute recovery in case the disease is caused by deficiency of calcium in an organism.

the Products containing calcium

First of all are dairy products: cottage cheese, milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream. The nations whose daily diet fermented milk products enter, live till 120 years! The milk diet - not only guarantee of health, but also the regulator of your weight, it is capable to lead to decrease in degree of obesity.

Important: the fat content of the dairy products consumed by you, the higher in them the content of calcium is lower. So it is tasty - it is not always useful, and sometimes better to give preference in advantage usefulness .

The following source of calcium is fish: salmon and sardines. Calcium contains also in vegetable products - in vegetables (cabbage, salad, broccoli, a celery and parsley), in a peanut, in walnuts, in sunflower sunflower seeds. Replenishment of an organism calcium happens also at the use of garlic, a radish and eggs.

Important: digestion of calcium requires vitamin D availability. There are products which neutralize calcium - it is oxalic acid, it contains in spinach and chocolate. The use of these products interferes with digestion of calcium.

Risk group

are included Into this group the most unprotected representatives of our society: pregnant women, children and elderly people, and they, first of all, should pay attention to deficiency of calcium in an organism.

In time of pregnancy the woman loses up to 30 mg of calcium. The reason, I think, it is clear: calcium - construction material not only bone system of the child, but also all organism in general. For only one feeding by a breast the woman loses up to 300 mg of calcium.

If young mother does not accept vitamins or to fill shortage of calcium, consuming the corresponding food, then the significant damage will be caused to her health. Remember how many women during pregnancy lose teeth. The reason in deficiency of calcium. Such products as cottage cheese, milk, cheese have to enter a daily diet of the pregnant woman and the feeding woman.

Children as nobody else, need receipt in an organism of enough minerals, including calcium. They are irreplaceable at construction the growing organism. Today scoliosis (a backbone curvature) - at every second child, and it no other than a lack of calcium. Remember a saying: Drink, children, milk, you will be healthy! In milk, as well as in cottage cheese, the high content of calcium, and these products have to be every day on your table. Attention: the lack of calcium negatively affects development of intelligence of your child!

Elderly people are also included into risk group. Over the years there is a washing away of calcium from an organism that negatively affects all state of health in general: a high blood pressure, frequent fractures of bones, bad memory, multiple sclerosis, there is no wish to continue further simply... You know a saying: What old that small? Elderly people require to themselves special attention, and it, first of all, concerns food. The diet of the elderly person, as well as child, without fail has to include cottage cheese, fermented milk products and cheese. The organism of the elderly person does not grow, but having served for many years, he demands support.

Food in human life plays very important role. From as far as it is balanced, your health and quality of life depends. Eat properly, and live long!