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Gref und Pin and the archduke Franz - Ferdinand. What the historical relic reminds of?

Killed, so Ferdinand - that ours... one of the novels loved by millions in which center there was a simple resident of Prague Josef Schwejk and one of the heaviest, really critical periods in world history also began

With this event.

The successor of a throne of the Danube Monarchy (Avstro - Hungary) the archduke Franz - Ferdinand was shot by the rebel, the Serbian student Gavrila Printsip, during driving of the highest train through streets of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia which already sought to dump the status of the mean Austrian province.

Despite all taken precautionary measures, a train did not pass a meeting with terrorists. Printsip approached the car absolutely freely, and protection decided that he was going to greet the most august person only...

" brand car; Gref und Pin in which the archduke went, it was unhappy - beginning from Ferdinand, its first owner, in this car for not too long period 13 people died. But the car is still stored in the hall of the Historical Museum of Vienna under the name Sarajevo - for edification of descendants.

Austrian firm Gref und Pin let out so qualitative cars of the highest class that by the decree of its Majesty Imperatora of Franz - Joseph I it was built in suppliers of the imperial yard and acquired the right to put on the production a two-headed eagle - a symbol of the Danube Monarchy. Many called these cars Austrian rolls - roysam . Used cars of this brand also the Emperor Franz - Iosif, and all his relatives.

Cars of this brand esteemed for honor to use all Austrian aristocracy in general, it was the reason for pride of the country. For the same reason the Austrians still defend Siegfried Markus`s priority in the invention of the car.

The car with registration plate of AIII - 118 in which the archduke went belonged his friend count of Harr who kindly provided it for a trip. The car of model 28 / 32 was equipped 4 - the cylinder motor with a working volume about 5,9 liters. The figures in a model index divided by fraction mean indicators of so-called tax power and real return of the motor. The small difference between them speaks about low degree of a forsirovka. But such motor was very tyagovit, the driver infrequently had to switch transfers. Besides, it was simple to support small speed during ceremonial drives, and the motor not too overheated at the same time.

The firm which founders were known, in particular, for creation of one of the first cars with forward driving wheels, and also a set of other technical innovations was closed in 30 - e years, having shared lot of many shining once automobile brands.

Despite it, Austria kept automotive industry to this day though here do not do original cars any more. Once independent Avstro - Daimler was dissolved in concern Shteyr - Daimler - Down, that as a result was absorbed by German Daimler - the Chrysler, brand Shteyr are carried now by slightly changed trucks M. A. N. Besides, at Shteyr`s plant in Graz cars of the Chrysler and Jeep brands are issued. O. A. F., whose cars were known and in the USSR, also lets out special options M. A. N. for a hard work, first of all - transportations of bulky goods across the highway and dirt roads.