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How at home to prepare fragrant oil from a coco?

Already half a year my kitchen turn in pass - factory on production of extraordinary fragrant, very useful fresh oil from a coconut.

I think, it is a high time will share know-how with the world.

For a start information - and why, as a matter of fact, you need oil? I, for example, use it in the cosmetic purposes. Properties of coconut oil are that that at massage it for only a few seconds does skin velvet, forms a protective film on a surface and smoothes skin. Thanks to full comprehensibility of oil skin becomes gentle and soft, small wrinkles disappear. Besides, oil well protects from harmful effects of environment and that is important - approaches all-type skin and does not pollute a time.

I read once that women of Polynesia were always famous for beautiful suntan and the shining skin. The secret of their appeal was simple: they umashchivat the bodies oil from a coco. It, by the way, is suitable for mixing with ready sunblock creams, a milk, but it is possible to use it in pure form as protection against the sun. Yes, and the well-known bathtub of Cleopatra consists of milk of a she-ass and coconut oil!

I generally use oil for care of hair. Still the American scientists found out that coconut oil reduces losses of protein from hair during washing by their shampoo. Oil evenly spreads on indumentum, preventing penetration into it of any baddy from shampoo. The butter layer protects hair as well during a wipe a towel and combing. It is possible to apply oil and after washing of hair - but only not on roots!

Arguments, I think, there is enough - let`s go behind a coco! On production oil is received from the dried-up nutshell. We will dry nothing, we will arrive in a different way.

It is important to choose a fresh nut, from dry stale house oil it will not turn out. For this purpose it is necessary to look narrowly well at a nut - fibers have to be not really broken, we choose the lightest from all cocoes. Now we shake it: the milk flounders about inside? Is super it!

Houses need to be pierced the screw-driver (or something other sharp) two of three black deepenings on a nut. This that place which it fastened to a palm tree. We merge a tasty coconut milk - for oil it is not useful to us.

Now, having gripped a nut, slightly we tap with the hammer on a coco. The crack has to go - we let out the air, merged juice. I think, it will be simple to cope with this task.

We cut out pieces of a coconut crumb, we rub on a small grater or we crush in the combine. Already oil will begin to be emitted.

Further we fill in the formed shaving with warm water, we allow to cool down, and we put in the refrigerator. Next morning (and maybe earlier) on a surface the fat crust - 3 - 5 mm thick, similar on a consistence on beef fat will appear. We bring together her and we kindle on a water bath. It is not necessary to boil, otherwise the value of oil will decrease! Now we filter a ready-made product from the remains coconut a lump in a pure glass jar.

I advise coconut flakes not to throw out, and to use as a body scrub. Once tried to fill in shaving again - again extracted several grams of oil!

On the lower shelf of the refrigerator oil is stored about a week, but it is better to use it, so far is fresher.

Usually leaves 50 an average coco - a milligram jar of oil, in the refrigerator it hardens, but thaws from heat of hands. At us ideal means for removal of a make-up around eyes, for treatment of household wounds and burns, good ointment for treatment of cracks on heels and skin peelings turned out. And still coconut oil tasty and pleasantly smells of overseas islands! Success in preparation!