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How to mark plants not to forget and to mix?

Before each landing season we, flower growers - unruly souls, buy new plants - lukovichka, seeds, rhizomes.

Always there is a question how to put not to forget where, it is not visible yet not to dig over, and to damage God forbid.

Of course, it is possible to keep records in a notebook, and many so do. So also we did while there were not many plants and it was clear that here about a strawberry bed is, and at cucumber that.

Then plants began to arrive and the first disturbing notes appeared when grades of the come tulips marked with sticks then to compare to the description and to sign in a notebook, and they took and grew not exactly - in one grade absolutely another for some reason blossoms. Here we namuchatsya then.

At once I will tell that it happens both at lilies, and at gladioluses when not exactly put bulb sprouts not vertically, and the sprout at first looks for an empty seat for itself, sprouting sometimes on 20 cm from the place of landing. If blossoming a plant to mark with a stick, then bulbs will precisely be mixed then.

After that we endured the period of setting of rags of different color. Besides it is good when flowers on 5 grades, and you do not save enough for 25 any rags.

Landings strictly in rows, and sticks from bushes, with primotanny on them metal birochka with the protsarapanny name became the following stage. It was already much more convenient, than all previous methods especially as birochka acted and put in a sack in which onions (tulips, narcissuses, gladioluses) were washed out and dried before new landings. In this approach there is essential minus. While a flower new, his name and appearance it is necessary to remember, for this purpose many times you check the name while it blossoms. In this plan of a birochka are not convenient at all since from frequent use the name is rubbed clean, and in general to consider it - it is necessary to try. At the same time, when you water, or just someone unsuccessfully goes, for example neighbors or relatives, to break a stick very easily, usually it falls, is trampled and lost. Therefore I surely duplicate all landings by records about a grade in a notebook.

So we lived, for want of something better using this method, so far, the Lake. Miracle!, did not share with me absolutely simple, and even a primitive way - to sign plants with an indelible marker on usual disposable knives.

This method has pluses:

+ the type of a garden became very esthetic, beautiful and accurate;

+ a knife white is also well visible even if it fell and was soiled, the first rain or having watered everything will wash away; + it is easily stuck by

to the earth and taken out; + information on it is perfectly visible to


+ information is not erased in the rain and snow, and when processing;

+ a knife is put in a sack in which bulbs and a grade are processed and stored at once easily looked for since the name very bright;

+ knives are very cheap - packing from 100 pieces at us in the market costs only 40 rub

But is also minuses:

- the fragile knife breaks if to step on it therefore I at once replace if I see something like that;

- sometimes come across low-quality markers which are washed away in spite of the fact that not water-soluble therefore it was necessary to choose only one look - SCHNEIDER 130 firms - PERMANENT MARKER. Some other were not adapted for severe conditions of the street. And this marker keeps several years and after winter including.

- anyway should duplicate records.

As you see - is plus more! I wish that you never lost precious plants and their grades.